Courtroom Victories and Successful Settlements

Good men and women deserve great family law representation

Good people who make smart choices should achieve successful results

You are a good person. You are not focused on revenge. You are not trying to hurt your spouse or the other parent. You want to navigate the case in front of you with honesty and integrity. You want a reasonable result.

Does that sound like you? If so, then our family law firm is the right fit. We are aggressive when we need to be. We are focused on settlement when there is a reasonable chance to achieve the right result through negotiations. We are fearless and skilled courtroom litigators when our clients are battling a difficult spouse, ex-spouse or other parent.

These are a very small snap shot of courtroom victories and successful settlements we achieved. We used a sample size that shows different types of divorce and family law cases. If we wrote about all of our courtroom success and great settlements, that may be a website all by itself. We hope you enjoy reading about these.

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