Overview of Divorcing High Conflict Personalities

Our guides on divorcing certain high conflict personalities will prepare you for the process

What is it like to divorce a high conflict personality?

Imagine a divorce where the husband and wife are reasonable and cooperative. Both spouses with children focus on the children's best interest. Both spouses set unhealthy and negative emotion aside and instead collaborate to reach a reasonable settlement.

Now that you have that visual in your mind, I want you to imagine the exact opposite. The opposite is the experience of divorcing a spouse who has a high conflict personality.

High conflict personalities are not reasonable because they are unable to reason.

Men and women who are high conflict personalities are toxic in their approach to solving problems.

That is because every problem is somebody else's fault and the solution to every problem is to do what the high conflict spouse demands.

  • If your spouse a narcissist?
  • Does your spouse have character traits that concern you he or she may be a sociopath?
  • Is your husband or wife an alcoholic and completely unpredictable in his or her behavior because of the substance abuse?
  • Is your husband or wife physically abusive?

These are only some of the high conflict personalities our family law firm deals with in divorces.

We are experienced and knowledgeable on this topic and we bring you the guides linked below to help you better understand the divorce process when faced with a high conflict personality and how to prevail against them.