Our California Child Custody Guides

Guides written for parents to navigate the child custody process

Our California child custody guides are an amazing resource for parents like you

Fathers and mothers rave about our California child custody guides. They tell us how much it helped them better understand California child custody laws and procedure.

Our guides are not a substitute for legal representation. They are not intended as legal advice. They are intended to provide you with detailed, general information that will help you better understand how the California child custody process and laws work from start to finish.

Our California child custody guide is a comprehensive look at the issues of legal custody, physical custody, parenting time (often called "visitation") and what the court takes into consideration under various scenarios when it rules on such issues. We discuss both joint and sole legal custody as well as physical custody. We discuss a child or children's best interest, what that means and how it applies to certain factual situations. We provide you with in-depth information about the types of scenarios that may cause a court to make particular orders on legal custody, physical custody and parenting time.

There is no shortage of information in our guide. It is lengthy but very easy to read and navigate. If you have specific issues you want to learn more about, the navigation system we set up within the guide will get you to that area quickly.

We also wrote a guide on parental alienation, which is in our opinion a form of child abuse. Our family law firm is highly experienced in handling parental alienation cases. In our guide, we provide fathers and mothers with detailed information on how to confront and handle such situations both inside and outside the courtroom.

We hope you enjoy our guides on California child custody and we welcome your feedback on anything you read within them. You may access them by navigating to the Child Custody link that you will find at the top of our website or simply click on the links below.

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