California Divorce Guides for Husbands and Wives

Enjoy these informative guides on California divorce law and process

Our California divorce guides are for those who crave knowledge

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We wrote them with the intention of providing comprehensive information about California law and procedure. 

Our guides are not a substitute for legal representation. They are not intended as legal advice. They are intended to provide you with detailed, general information that will help you better understand how the divorce process works from start to finish.

Our divorce guides will walk you through the divorce process

In the California divorce process guide, we provide you with a question and answer format that walks you through the divorce process from the initial petition filing through the final judgment.

The California divorce laws guide helps you understand divorces that are both contested or uncontested. We also provide a question and answer format that provides you with substantive California divorce laws.

Because we cover a lot of information in our guides, the guides are lengthy. However, we wrote them in an easy to read and easy to understand format. You can even skip through the guide to read about those issues that are most important to you. We made navigation simple and efficient.

We hope you enjoy our guides

We welcome your feedback on anything you read within them. You may access the guides by navigating to the Divorce A – Z link that you will find at the top of our website or simply click on the links below.

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