Divorce Hearings and Trials

Learn about hearings and trials in California family court

Court hearings are sometimes unavoidable

Every reasonable person should want an amicable divorce. But an amicable divorce is not always possible. It is normal for a husband and wife to have disagreements. These disagreements may concern child custody, child support, alimony, property and debt division or other issues.

Two reasonable spouses may have a contested divorce

A contested divorce does not always mean one or more of the spouses is unreasonable. There are situations where the spouses may simply have factual disagreements. There are situations where the spouses, through their lawyers, may simply disagree on the law's application to the facts.

Of course, there are also those situations where a spouse may be completely unreasonable and cause unnecessary litigation.

No matter what the reason, divorce litigation often involves contested hearings and, in less than 50% of most cases, a divorce trial.

Contested divorce cases may involve a few or many issues

Contested divorce hearings typically include requests for order on temporary child custody, support and attorney fee issues. Courts usually do not deal with property and debt division issues as part of temporary orders although there are exceptions to this general rule.

Divorce trials can be the most stressful and most expensive part of a contested California divorce. It is here that experienced representation can make a big difference.

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