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The Advocate You Choose Makes a Difference

We speak with men and women every day who chose an attorney to represent them and later regretted the choice. They come to us for help, to get to the truth and find out how we can get their family law case back on the right track.

Why did they initially make the wrong choice?

Sometimes, it is because they believed the sales pitch, full of exaggerations or designed to play to their emotions. Other times, it is because they did not take the process to choose the right family law attorney seriously enough.

  • Was the attorney they hired truthful about the issues that will matter to the family law judge?
  • Did the attorney help build a real strategy to meet reasonable goals?
  • Did he or she communicate honestly about the law?
  • Did the attorney prepare the client for what was ahead?

Too often, the answer is "no" to these questions.

  • Too many attorneys "react" to whatever comes their way in the case.
  • They have no real plan. There is no big picture thinking. There is no strategy.
  • As it too often happens, the husband or wife, mother or father learn many months and many thousands of dollars later, they made the wrong choice.

You can make the right choice. Let's talk. Together, we can pave the road to a reasonable and successful result.

Father obtains custody of the children and a termination date for alimony

Our firm represented the father in a divorce. The spouses were married for approximately 13 years. Allegations flew back and froth between the spouses. They had two minor children. Mother claimed father was an unfit parent. Mother wanted primary cust...

Court doubles mother's support and awards attorney's fees against father

Our firm represented a mother and ex-wife in a post judgment modification of child support. We had not handled the underlying divorce case, which had concluded many years before our representation....

Father defeats mother’s attempt to modify child custody orders

Father came to our family law firm with his post judgment child custody case. There was already an order that he have primary custody of the children due to mother’s inability to provide a stable environment for the children. Mother claimed that ha...

Mother wins custody of teenage daughter based on child's preference

In a hard-fought case, the mother of a teenage daughter gets custody of her child based on the teenager’s preference to live with her....

Husband thrilled because he successfully terminates spousal support

An already divorced husband called our firm about this post judgment spousal support case and he was desperate for help. He had paid spousal support for more than half the length of his marriage and his son had told him his ex-wife had recently remar...

Husband gets nearly entire estate in bitter and contentious divorce

Attorney B. Robert Farzad is very proud of this victory. In a hard fought and bitterly contentious divorce case, a marriage of longer than 10 years, against a wife who made serious and false allegations of domestic violence and child abuse and who we...

Read Testimonials From Real Clients

Some family law attorneys are the elite of their profession. There are many who are not or pretend to be. When you choose your advocate, do you want a family law attorney who is highly respected, trusted and an exceptional advocate inside and outside the courtroom? 

Our clients write the following about our family law firm. 

  • "Fantastic family law attorneys"
  • "I will forever be grateful to them"
  • "They were patient and compassionate"
  • "I highly recommend this law firm" 
  • "I can't say enough about their professionalism"
  • "I wish I had hired them first" 

And unlike some other lawyers, all of our reviews and testimonials are written by actual clients we represented.

Make better choices. This is your life. Take your family law case seriously. We do and we will. Let us show you what strong, intelligent and result-focused representation really means. 

Strategy Meets Result Focused Advocacy

The process of hiring a lawyer for a divorce or parentage matter seems simple - a consultation, retention and representation.

But what most husbands, wives, fathers and mothers don't understand is the beginning of the process is like a domino to nearly everything that follows.

If the initial consultation is missing certain, critical elements, the path you head down may not be the best and, like many poor starts, may cause unnecessary delays, money and even affect the results.

Nobody wants unreasonable delays, money wasted and poor results. But how do you avoid it? How do you set your pre or post judgment divorce or parentage case on the right course? You do it through smart and calculated planning.

Strategy matters and our family law firm builds a custom strategy for your case and its facts.

It starts from the initial phone call. You and the experienced family law attorney with whom you speak dive right into your needs and what we can do to help you.

And what happens next?

We want you to learn more about this process because it will help you make smart choices. See the 1 - 2 - 3 steps on the right side of this page? Click on those and let's go through the process of how we build a strategy customized for you.

Step 1 - The initial Strategy Session

Everything starts with the initial strategy session.

We first speak by phone. And yes, you really do speak with an experienced family law attorney. If your case is one with which we can help, we bring you in for an in-person meeting with one of our managing family law attorneys.

The strategy session starts by answering your questions. This part is all about you. Knowledge is truly power and we empower you with honest, straightfoward answers to the questions that cause you concern or anxiety.

From there, we transition to what many clients enjoy the most.

In part two, we educate you on the law and how the law applies to your specific facts. This is where you really learn the direction your case should go, what you should reasonably expect and the hurdles that may come your way depending on your spouse's motivations and even personality.

We don't predict the future. We tell you what our extensive experience has taught us about facts similar to yours and what our in-depth knowledge of family law can do for you.

At the end of the initial startegy session, we provide you with a quote for our services. Our quotes are custom made for your case.

Step 2 - Retention and Information Gathering

You loved the strategy session? We hear that all the time. You have retained our family law firm? Smart choice. So what happens next? Now it is time to roll up our sleeves and start gathering critical information so we can build the short term, mid term and long term strategy for your case.

We take copious notes from our initial strategy session. We take those notes and place them into a custom form that lists all of the initial action items on your case. We then send to you a detailed list of additional information we need - facts, documents, identity of witnesses, and more. Even better, we help you gather the information if you have questions or need guidance.

It's all about collaboration and that collaboration means regular communication between you and your family law attorney. Some clients provide all of the information at once. Some clients provide it piecemeal. We will tell you what is time sensitive and what is not so you can prioritize this information and document gathering process.

"But what if I can't get my hands on the information?" Not to worry. Whatever you cannot get, we can get. We have discovery power in any divorce or parentage case which means we can get information from your spouse, the other parent or even other parties or entities such as banks, employers, you name it.

What happens after you have provided us the information you have gathered? We go to step 3. Click on the right to learn more. 

Step 3 - The Customized Strategy for Your Case

You gathered the information you could. You gave it to us. What do we do with it? First, we review it carefully and create a summary and inventory of what we have. We then take that information and create a very specific strategy customized for your case. This strategy includes a detailed evaluation of:

1. What issues should resolve amicably and how can we get those issues resolved within a reasonable time?

2. What issues may be contested or high conflict and what specific steps do we recommend to bring those issue to court?

3. What discovery (formal requests for information) should we serve on your spouse (for a divorce), your ex-spouse (post divorce judgment), the other parent (parentage cases) or on other persons or entities such as banks, employers, witnesses, etc. (through a subpoena)?

4. What specific timelines should we have for each phase of your case? We do not just litigate cases for the sake of litigating them. We work hard with you to reasonably attempt to resolve the issues that should resolve and litigate those that cannot resolve. 

5. What if your spouse or the other parent is very difficult and unreasonable? Strategy building becomes even more important. We have represented many clients whose spouse or other parent and even their lawyer thought they could intimidate or bully our client. They learned the hard way they cannot get away with that nonsense with our clients and many paid a big price for their foolish choices. We do not represent bullies and we do not tolerate them.

California Alimony Laws

California Alimony Laws

This EBook on California alimony laws is an easy to understand guide about this interesting and constantly evolving area of family law. There is so much to know on this topic. Temporary alimony, modification of it, alimony at the judgment stage, Family Code 4320 factors, marital standard of living, amount and duration of alimony, post judgment modifications, termination, these are just some of the issues experienced family law attorneys deal with on a day to day basis.