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Getting a reasonable result inside a courtroom or achieving a reasonable settlement does not just happen. Planning and preparation coupled with intelligent and experienced representation get you across the finish line - the one where the result was consistent with the facts and the law.

Learn how we get you from where you are now to that finish line.

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Initial Strategy Session

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Launch the Strategy

Strategy is the Roadmap to Success

Everything starts with the initial strategy session.

This is not a sales meeting. It is an experienced family law attorney learning the facts about your situation, answering your questions, and detailing the strategy we recommend. Many men and women are surprised how little they understand about the process ahead and learn why our strategy sessions are informative and sometimes a game-changer.

You will end this session fully informed about the family law process, what you should reasonably expect and how to make smart choices along the way.

Honest Discussion About Attorney's Fees

You probably heard the expression, "if you go cheap, you get cheap." Does that mean you have to go broke for great family law representation? Heck no.

There are two things you have to know about attorney's fees and costs. First, there is no way to predict your total fees and costs at an hourly rate. Second, the only people who "control" the dollar amount of family law attorney's fees and costs are you and the other party.

What we do is (a) give you a quote for the initial retainer deposit and hourly rates, (b) explain what you can do to keep your fees and costs to a reasonable amount, and (c) explain how to combat the other party's conduct that may increase your fees. You will be informed and make smart choices about the attorney's fees and costs ahead.

Quality Representation Begins Now

You and us set the strategy. We know the road ahead. What happens next? We execute the plan.

In a divorce, we help you complete your financial disclosures, ensure we receive complete disclosures from your spouse, and initiate the "discovery" process to get information, testimony and documents you do not have and need. We help you make reasonable settlement offers and get some or all of your case settled, or get it to a hearing and trial for the judge to make the decisions. Parentage cases for unmarried parents are similar, but simpler. Post judgment modification proceedings remain focused on the issues and move them toward a resolution or hearing.

This execution of the strategy is where you see what a positive difference diligent and quality representation can make for you.

What We Do For You

  • Honest analysis of your situation
  • Detailed strategy customized for you
  • Resulted-focused representation
  • Effective communication throughout representation
  • Reasonable attorney's Fees

How You Help Your Cause

  • Full engagement in your case
  • Careful attention to legal advice
  • Making logical choices, not emotional ones
  • Asking questions anytime you have them
  • Payment of your attorney's fees

Do Not Take Our Word for It - Read What Our Family Law Clients Say

  • "Fantastic family law attorneys"
  • "I will forever be grateful to them"
  • "They were patient and compassionate"
  • "I highly recommend this law firm"
  • "I can't say enough about their professionalism"
  • "I wish I had hired them first"

And unlike some other lawyers, actual clients we represented wrote the testimonials, not our friends, family, or those we paid to write fake reviews. Of course, testimonials are not a guarantee, warranty, prediction or assurance regarding the results you may obtain and every case is dependent on its own facts.

Your choice of advocate matters.

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We give you the power of knowledge here.

And when you speak with us, we take that to an even higher level.

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