Splitting Assets in a California Divorce

Community and separate property laws

Splitting Assets in a California Divorce

California community and separate property laws are at the heart of every divorce

What is community property? What is separate property? How is property divided in a California divorce?

These are the questions every spouse asks before they undertake a divorce, regardless of the estate's size. The estate may be millions of dollars or tens of thousands of dollars. California community property law and separate property law apply to each.

In these three informative guides, we explain the difference between community property and separate property. We also provide you with a comprehensive guide on dividing different types of property in a California divorce.  

Each of these guides provide you with informative information regarding how a court looks at property and what facts it takes into consideration before it determines character as being community versus separate. You will also learn that an asset is not always one or the other. Certain assets may be "mixed" character such that they are partially community and partially separate.

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