Duty of Disclosure in a California Divorce

You and your spouse's mandatory disclosure obligations

What are California's laws on preliminary and final declaration of disclosure?

Lawyers and spouses better take the disclosure process seriously because the law does. Experienced and knowledgeable family law lawyers educate their clients on the importance of accurate and complete disclosures. Accurate disclosures means the information provided is accurate. Complete disclosures means nothing is missing.

California law dishes out significant punishment for incomplete or inaccurate disclosures, especially when the nondisclosure or inaccurate disclosure is willfully made. But willful is not the standard. Even innocent or negligent, improper disclosures can have significant consequences to a divorce, both prejudgment and post-judgment.

We provide you with informative articles on both preliminary declarations of disclosure and the final declaration of disclosure. Do not take this subject matter lightly. The knowledge you gain will help you better understand your obligations and that of your spouse.

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