A Comprehensive look at California alimony laws

California alimony guides

California alimony guides

Show me a person who thinks they are not paying enough alimony. Show me a person who thinks they are getting too much. You will not find these two types of individuals very often.

Alimony can become one of the most hotly contested issues in a divorce case. The higher income earners typically abhor the thought of paying alimony. The lower income spouse or those without any income desperately feel they need it to survive and maintain the marital standard of living. No matter the specific factual situation, alimony can be a polarizing issue between husbands and wives when they undertake a contested divorce.

Our California alimony guides provide a comprehensive look at alimony law and procedure. Our main guide is one of the most comprehensive pages on the subject of California alimony you may find on the Internet. We also wrote additional pages specifically on temporary alimony orders versus those at the divorce judgment face.

Whether you are the one potentially paying or the one who expects to receive alimony, read our guides and learn more about this important subject.

We hope you enjoy our pages on California alimony and we welcome your feedback on anything you read within them. You may access them by navigating to the alimony link that you will find at the top of our website or simply click on the links below.

California Alimony Laws

Temporary Alimony Orders

Alimony in a Divorce Judgment

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