Modifying or Terminating Alimony in California

Our guides show you how alimony is modified or terminated

Modification or termination of alimony in California

It is rare a modification or termination of alimony proceeding results in a quick and easy resolution. Unless the alimony terminated as a result of death, remarriage or a self-executing termination clause in the judgment, alimony modification or termination proceedings often result in litigation or contested hearings. That is because the alimony obligor is tired of paying what he or she pays and the alimony obligee does not want any change unless alimony is going up in amount.

But what are the grounds for a modification? And what are the grounds for a termination? Do you know the difference between terminating alimony and terminating the court's power to ever award it?

We wrote pages on this subject because we find it is an area of alimony law few people understand well. The rules can get complicated, especially on the post judgment modifications or termination of alimony.

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