Income Calculation for Alimony Purposes

How a court uses income or imputes income to determine the alimony number

What is income for alimony purposes?

The answer may be simple for a W-2 spouse. But what about a spouse who is self-employed? What about a spouse who is willfully unemployed or underemployed? Calculating income for alimony may not be as straightforward as many think.

While some income is easy to determine, self-employment income, capital gains income, passive income and sometimes even phantom income can make alimony determination more complex. Our legislature both on the federal and state level do not make this easier for husbands and wives when they pass laws regarding the taxability and deductibility of alimony.

Learn income determination and imputation for alimony purposes

Our pages on the subject provide you with an understanding of how a court determines income for alimony purposes. We also committed one page to a better understanding of income imputation when a spouse is willfully unemployed or underemployed and has the capacity, ability and opportunity to be gainfully employed.

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