California Legal Custody Laws and Procedure

Learn what legal custody really means and why you should take it seriously

California Legal Custody Laws

If you believe being involved in decisions regarding your child is important, you need to learn about legal custody

Legal custody is one of the most important topics in any California family law case. Legal custody is all about decisions concerning the child or children. We don't know too many parents who do not want to be involved in the decision-making process concerning their children. Where will the child go to school? What extracurricular activities will the child undertake? What medical care should the child receive? Should the child obtain a driver's license now or wait to do so? These are just some of the decisions that legal custody touches.

Legal custody is usually joint or sole. Sometimes legal custody can be a combination of joint and sole.

We wrote informative pages on joint legal custody, sole legal custody and modifying legal custody. We encourage you to carefully read them so you understand this very important area of California child custody law. We promise you will be more informed about legal custody by the time you are done and will be thankful you took the time to gain knowledge on this important topic.

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