Mother Prevails and Obtains Custody of Teenage Daughter

In a hard-fought case, the mother of a teenage daughter gets custody of her child based on the teenager's preference to live with her.

Amanda had an emotionally charged and contentious child custody case. The father had custody and the mother was seeking to gain it because her daughter wanted to live with her. The father fought the case hard and re-hired his original attorney that helped him gain custody. Amanda was very nervous because she had been to court before but had not prevailed. That was before she hired our family law firm.

After she hired us, she realized how caring and compassionate we are and how hard we were willing to fight for her and her daughter to get a fair and just result. Through our hard work and after multiple court hearings, we prevailed. The father, at the last hearing, finally agreed to let Amanda have custody. The settlement would not have been possible without our time and attention to the case and we are very proud of the result.

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