Father Defeats Mother's Attempt to Modify Child Custody

Father obtains sole physical custody and child support against mother

Father came to our family law firm with his post judgment child custody case. There was already an order that he have primary custody of the children due to mother's inability to provide a stable environment for the children.

Mother claimed that had changed. She sought a modification of child custody. She claimed to be employed with a higher paying job and had moved into a new house. She believed that since her living situation had changed, that she should be able to modify the current custody to 50% custody.

Our client continued to have serious concerns. He believed the mother continued to surrounded herself with those who endangered the children.

Our focus was to determine what the evidence would show.

We worked hard in that regard. The evidence supported father's claims. We also found mother's boyfriend had a checkered history and was a bad influence in the children's lives.

The court ruled in favor of our client. Mother's request was denied. Father was granted joint legal custody and sole physical custody of his children. The court further made a no contact order between the child and mother's boyfriend. The court ordered mother to pay our client child support.

Father was very happy with the results. Unfortunately, Mother's conduct did not improve and eventually, Father obtained sole legal and physical custody and Mother's time was limited further.

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