Father Defeats Alienating Mother and Gets 50-50 Custody of His Son

Our family law firm got another father 50-50 custody, this time against an alienating and very unreasonable mother. Our client retained the firm after not having seen his 4-year-old son for nearly two years because mother refused to allow him any contact and because he had no formal order for custody, or for that matter even an order determining him to be the biological parent of his son.

Our family law firm immediately filed an action to establish client as the father and for temporary custody and visitation orders.

Mother would not agree to overnight contact, but we successfully obtained court orders for client to have step-ups in his visitation and contact with his son every couple of months, going from no overnight visits every other weekend, to full weekends Friday through Sunday and non-overnight dinner visits once and then twice per week.

Mother resisted the orders every step of the way. We held her accountable for each and every effort she made to prevent the visitation including using her mother to interfere with the visits.

Trial was set and mother showed up with her lawyer. Mother wanted the temporary orders to become the final orders. We told mother's lawyer our client would not accept anything less than 50-50. At trial, through a stipulated order, we obtained joint legal and joint physical custody for our client and a 50-50 timeshare arrangement with his son.

Our client, as a devoted father, finally got equal time with his son. Within one year of retaining the firm, we took our client from a father who had not seen his son in 2 years to a father with full and equal custody rights and an equal timeshare arrangement.

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