Wife Wins Big at Trial Against Her Abusive Husband

Our family law firm went to trial and took legal and physical custody away from an emotionally abusive father who refused to act in the children's best interest.

Mother's prior lawyer had done little for her. Father had made serious child abuse allegations against mother. The child was also acting out against mother and we suspected that was because of the emotional abuse that father was placing on the child.

Once we took over the case, we conducted an investigation into the facts and believed the allegations against mother were false and that father was fabricating the allegations to try to improperly obtain custody and lower his support. Our law firm successfully, over father's objections, had a forensic psychologist appointed to the case.

The forensic psychologist agreed with our position that father's allegations were false. The forensic psychologist also found that father was not a fit parent and, consistent with mother's claims throughout the case, father was emotionally abusing the child, pressuring him to rebel against mother and claiming as a result of that pressure, that the child wanted to live with father and not mother.

After a 3 day trial, the Court found that father was psychologically abusing the child, that the allegations against mother were false, and that mother should have sole legal and sole physical custody of the child. All of father's overnight visitation was cut-off, his visitation was reduced to less than 1% and he was ordered into counseling.

Our family law firm filed a motion for attorney's fees against father for his false abuse allegations and violations of Family Code 271 as a result of his unrelenting litigation tactics. The Court awarded nearly 100% of our fees request related to that motion for a total $60,000.00 in fees against father.

Mr. Farzad believes this case is a good example of why you should not give in to parents who make false allegations of abuse. It takes hard work but justice can prevail in such cases.

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