Husband Wins Complex Nine-Day Divorce Hearing

Father retained our family law firm after he was represented by another attorney. Mother had been through numerous lawyers and continued to delay the case. Mother continued to frustrate the court process, caused delays and tried to make the entire divorce process as expensive as possible for father.

Father wanted to get the case to trial and get it behind him. Mother had primary custody of the minor child. Father was very concerned about mother's parenting. Father was paying a large support order each month. Mother refused to get a job.

Our family law firm took the case out of the public court system and to a private and retired court commissioner.

During nine days of hearings, we were able to show the amount of financial harm all of mother's misconduct had caused to the community estate. As a result, father was awarded nearly 100% of all of the community property assets to compensate him for the harm mother caused. This included reimbursement claims by father against mother for her refusal to move out of the family home or list it for sale.

Furthermore, mother was ordered to pay part of father's attorney's fees as a result of her delay tactics and misconduct. The Court also awarded father additional time with the minor child and significantly lowered his child and spousal support. We were able to show to the Court that mother had an income that she was failing to report and that she had perjured her income and expense declarations.

After the hearing and as a result of mother's continued failure to properly care of the child, we successfully got the Court to give father sole legal and sole physical custody.

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