Father Defeats at Trial a Mother's False Child Molestation Allegations

Our family law firm represented father. Mother was represented by a lawyer. Mother made very serious allegations against father. She claimed that father was sexually abusing their daughter. She submitted as part of her evidence a letter from a psychologist who claimed father was molesting the child. Father was distraught over the allegations and vowed to fight. He fired his last lawyer and hired us. After our family law firm became involved in the case, we launched a detailed investigation into the allegations.

We took the deposition of mother and mother's parents, whom we believed were the cause and catalyst to these allegations. The firm interviewed witnesses and learned that mother's psychologist was not even licensed but she was rather a psychologist's assistant. We had father see an expert psychologist to determine if he fit the profile of a pedophile.

This psychologist was an expert and was not court appointed. The psychologist concluded that father did not fit the profile. Mother was still relentless in her allegations against father, as were mother's parents and they put up a huge fight. They had the funds to do it.

The case went to trial.

The Judge refused to admit into evidence the letter and testimony of the psychological assistant that mother had hired. The Judge did allow father's psychologist to testify as she was credible and experienced.

The Judge heard the testimony of all the parties and witnesses. The Judge, at our request, also spoke with the child in chambers. The Judge agreed with our position that mother's allegations were false and that father had not sexually or in any other way abused his daughter.

The Judge awarded joint legal and joint physical custody to both mother and father. We asked the Court to award sole custody to father due to mother's false allegations. The Court warned mother that if she made another false allegation against father, that is exactly what the Court would do.

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