Father Gets Custody of His Son and Nearly the Entire Estate

Attorney B. Robert Farzad is proud of this victory.

In a hard fought and bitterly contentious divorce case, a marriage of longer than 10 years, against a wife who made serious and false allegations of domestic violence and child abuse and who went through five lawyers during the entire process, he prevailed on every issue and got the father and husband sole legal and sole physical custody of the three children, the house and all of the money in the bank and brokerage accounts.

We were the only law office that represented the husband and father. The wife went through five lawyers. It was one of the worst cases of false abuse allegations against a parent our divorce lawyers had ever seen.

The wife, who we believed had psychological disorders, made very serious allegations of domestic violence and child abuse against our client.

Even worse, she refused to recant her allegations, even in the face of evidence that the only person who was ever found to have abused the three children was her.

Our divorce lawyers believed the wife and mother brought these allegations because she thought her husband would surrender and give her what she was not entitled to receive financially and custody of the children.

The wife first hired a family law firm who had and has a reputation for their aggressive style of divorce litigation. They were fired (or quit, we do not know) and the wife, likely unhappy with the lack of results she thought she would obtain, went to lawyer number two.

Her second lawyer didn't last long. She went through a third and fourth lawyer but we continued to push the case forward and demanded an early trial date on the custody and visitation issues.

Now on her fourth lawyer, and with us having compelling evidence that she had not only made false allegations of abuse but she was the type who would lie and commit perjury without hesitation to try and get custody of her children, we believe she was cornered and could no longer mount her vicious attack against our client.

She surrendered at the trial and agreed to a settlement of both legal and physical custody of all three children to our client.

The property issues settled such that she received what amounted to less than 5% of the entire estate. We had compelling evidence the estate was almost entirely our client's separate property, despite what the wife claimed. Her spousal support was reduced to only several hundred dollars per month.

Attorney B. Robert Farzad is proud to get this father and husband his life back on track and this difficult divorce behind him.

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