Wife Wins Trial Against Husband Who Lied About His Income

Our family law firm represented wife in a divorce case where husband was falsifying his income. We prevailed at trial and the husband was ordered to pay significant back child and spousal support, current support and attorney fees.

The husband claimed that he made far less income than what we believed he made and that he made during the marriage. The Husband refused to cooperate in the discovery process and refused to produce complete documents related to his income.

Our family law firm successfully obtained court orders against husband that compelled him to produce his income documents but he still refused. He continued to play the game of providing incomplete information.

We then successfully obtained significant evidentiary sanctions against husband. We then went to trial.

At trial, the Court found that husband was misrepresenting his income and made an order against him of hundreds of thousands of dollars in back child and spousal support and an order, going forward, of over $8,000.00 per month in support. The Court also awarded significant attorney's fees against the husband.

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