Husband Successfully Reverses Large Reimbursement Claim Against Him

When father came to our family law firm for representation, he was at his wit's end. A court appointed referee had found that father owed mother a six figure sum in reimbursements for what mother called unpaid and uninsured medical expenses. Father had represented himself in the proceeding with the referee and in family court. Mother had a lawyer.

Father disputed mother's claims.

Our family law firm took over the case and set the Court's order assigning a referee as well as the referee's recommendations aside due to the violations of father's due process rights and the Court's order not complying with California law. We successfully unwound the harmful recommendation by the referee against father.

We then filed an attorney fee motion against mother because she made a significant amount of money more than father and we requested the Court order her to pay father's lawyer's fees. The Court made an initial order for fees against mother and set another hearing to potentially order more. We also investigated mother's allegations and had evidence much of mother's reimbursement claims were not supported by the evidence.

Before the trial and the next attorney fee motion, mother surrendered. She agreed to dismiss all of her claims.

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