Planning for Divorce in California

Learn how to plan for different types of divorces in California

Planning for divorce is critical to saving time and money

Planning for divorce is just as important as planning for any other major life decision. And just like any other major life decision, the successful result depends in large part on the planning.

Our informative guides which we link below take you through planning for divorce with children, planning for an amicable divorce and planning for a contested or high conflict divorce.

We love our children and we want the best for them

And as any parent can attest, children do make certain life choices more complex. In our first guide, we will walk you through the planning and preparation process for divorce with children.

Everyone who is sane would prefer an amicable divorce

But an amicable divorce does not just happen by itself. In midsized to higher asset cases, a failure to plan for an amicable divorce can lead to significant mistakes. We show how to avoid many of those mistakes in our guide.

Contested or high conflict divorces can be stressful and expensive

Proper planning for a contested or high conflict divorce can lessen that stress and expense. If you expect such a divorce ahead of you are already in the middle of one, then our guide on planning for contested or high conflict divorces is necessary reading.

We hope you enjoy our guides

Click on the links below to check out our four amazing guides on planning for divorce and a fifth link as an introduction to our guides on expectations of the divorce process ahead.

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