Helpful Guides on Expectations Before You Divorce

We wrote these guides so you know what to expect during divorce

Expectations during divorce is often the great "unknown."

You have a divorce ahead of you. You know it is inevitable although that does not make it any easier.

What can you expect from your spouse?

The longer the marriage, the harder this question becomes. You thought you knew your spouse but the events that led to your divorce were not predictable. Nobody walks into a marriage expecting a divorce.

What can you expect from the lawyer your spouse hires?

Will your spouse's lawyer be ethical? What kinds of family law lawyers can your spouse hire?

What should you expect from your own family law attorney?

How will you know if you found the right one?

What should you expect from the judge?

You will navigate this process soon.

  1. Are there children? What will the court likely rule on custody issues?
  2. And what about child support and spousal support?
  3. Are there property (assets) to divide? How does the court divide assets?
  4. If your estate has significant assets, you may be concerned about seeing what you have built fall apart.

It is normal to have these questions. It is wise to get answers.

The guides we list below provide you with a comprehensive overview of expectations before a divorce.

We go through many different scenarios and show you what multiple decades of combined experience as divorce attorneys have taught us.

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