How Do You Find the Right Divorce Attorney in Orange County?

With some due diligence, you can find the right divorce attorney

You have a divorce case and you need a lawyer, not just any lawyer but the best divorce lawyer for your case. In this article, I have created a list of things to look for when choosing a lawyer.

The items on this list are important whether you think your divorce will settle or whether you think you and your spouse have a lot of disagreement that will require court involvement. Enjoy the article.

Let's make a list.

You search the internet and you look for a divorce lawyer in Orange County because your case is here. After a while, reading all of the different lawyer websites have your eyes rolling in the back of your head, right? Hopefully, you didn't have that experience with our website. Eventually though, you have to make a call and speak to lawyers. You will set appointments and have consultations. We offer an affordable consultation. Others do as well. But do you really know what to ask a divorce lawyer and how do you know you are speaking with the one that is right for your case?

Our divorce lawyers may offer you references without having to ask. Speak with other lawyers and you won't get the same thing. In fact, don't be surprised if you don't get the reference, even if you do ask. The list of happy divorce clients that have hired us, have written testimonials for us and refer cases to us is long.

- B. Robert Farzad

The importance of client references when searching for the right divorce lawyer

In fact, we still haven't transferred onto the site all of the client testimonials we have received and are coming in because of their volume. Ask for references from the divorce lawyer you are considering to hire and be specific that you are looking for cases similar to your. Expect to get three. Call the references. If the lawyer with whom you speak can't or won't give you the references, that should be a red flag.

Attorney-Client communication is at the heart of a successful relationship in your divorce

The last thing you want is to hire a lawyer and not have him or her call you back. This never happens with our divorce lawyers. Why? Because we are neurotic about communication and we don't wait for you to call us for a status update. We are constantly in touch with you. You should expect nothing less. Ask the lawyer you are considering hiring how he communicates with his or her clients, how often you will speak with the lawyer (and not just a paralegal or secretary) and get clear answers to your questions.

You and your divorce lawyer should have a strategy in place for your case

In the majority of cases, an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer should reveal the most important facts. It is at this consultation that a preliminary strategy should be outlined by the lawyer for you. Of course, it won't be the last but if you walk out of the consultation and the divorce lawyer with whom you have spoken did not help you understand the strategy on your case and you did not have clear direction, something went wrong.

Discussion about a budget, rates, what is necessary and what is not

The hourly rate, the deposit, a fair explanation of the fees - that's what an experienced and knowledgeable divorce lawyer should be able to share with you at the initial consultation. Nobody has a crystal ball but knowing where your money will go is important. You're not looking for an exact number. You're looking for an estimate and what things could occur in your divorce case that could cause the fees to exceed that estimate. Our family law attorneys can give you this attorney fee estimate and the issues that could arise in your case which may cause your fees to come below or above that.

Written retainer agreement between you and your divorce lawyer

I am surprised and sometimes shocked how many spouses hire divorce lawyers without a written explanation of the fees and terms. It is unlawful for a lawyer to take a case that will exceed $1,000.00 in fees without a written retainer agreement. Get one so you know what to expect.

You should feel comfortable with your divorce lawyer

Comfort Level is important.

Our divorce lawyers serve the Orange County community and are calm, great listeners, know the law, know the courts, are familiar with the judges and we have likely had cases very similar to yours.

We don't rush you. We answer your questions. We help you feel comfortable with us by simply telling you the truth - we are not your cheerleaders nor are we doomsayers. You come to a divorce lawyer to know the truth - good or bad. Expect nothing less from whomever you hire and trust your instincts.

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