B. Robert Farzad

B. Robert


B. Robert Farzad Farzad & Ochoa Family Law Attorneys, LLP

Managing Partner

611 Anton Blvd., Suite 840,

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

B. Robert Farzad is the managing partner of Farzad & Ochoa Family Law Attorneys, LLP.

Mr. Farzad obtained his Juris Doctorate from Western State University, College of Law.

He has been a licensed California attorney since 1996.

Mr. Farzad's strengths are his knowledge of family law, fact-focused litigation style, and courtroom skills. He brings a no-nonsense approach to every case he handles, no matter how complex the financial, custody, or abuse issues may be. He is proud to help those who need excellent representation.

  • In 2023, he served as the Chair (President) of the Orange County Bar Association (OCBA), Family Law Section. Mr. Farzad previously served as Chair-Elect, Secretary & Treasurer.
  • In 2024, he serves as the Chair of the OCBA Pro Bono Committee.
  • In the fall of 2024, Mr. Farzad will teach Family Law at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) Law School.
  • Mr. Farzad is a former member of the OCBA Legislative Resolutions Committee (LRC). In 2020, he was the Series Leader on the proposed California Family Code and Code of Civil Procedure legislation.
  • Mr. Farzad's pro bono work is focused on helping victims of domestic violence. He frequently represents domestic violence victims pro-bono in their restraining order cases and participates nearly every week in a volunteer clinic where he consults without charge with domestic violence victims and survivors.
  • Mr. Farzad is an executive committee member of the Orange County Family Violence Council, which consists of judges, lawyers, court personnel, and community leaders. He was the opening and closing speaker at the 2023 Orange County Family Violence Conference.
  • He is currently a Board of Directors member of Human Options in Orange County, a respected non-profit organization dedicated to ending domestic violence and providing help for domestic violence victims in Orange County. He is a former Board of Directors member of "Su Casa, Ending Domestic Violence", a Los Angeles-based, respected non-profit organization dedicated to ending domestic violence.
  • He is a volunteer, pro-bono attorney at Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law in Los Angeles and Human Options in Orange County. The Los Angeles Times wrote a feature on Mr. Farzad and the firm regarding their pro bono work.
  • His work is featured in Orange County Lawyer Magazine, Continuing Education for the Bar (CEB), The Huffington Post, Yahoo Parenting, Los Angeles Times, and more.
  • He has presented at seminars or webinars for the Family Law Section of the Orange County Bar Association, CEB, and the National Continuing Education Provider, Strafford. Mr. Farzad presented CEB's annual and respected Key Developments in Family Law for three years.
  • Mr. Farzad has provided print and radio interviews for experts whose work crosses into family law. Respected publications such as The Daily Journal interviewed him about the firm.
  • Mr. Farzad is a member of the Orange County Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association, and the San Diego Family Law Bar Association.
  • You can find Mr. Farzad's family law e-books on Amazon.

B. Robert Farzad is rated "Superb" and 10 out of 10 by the attorney rating website Avvo.

He works at the firm's Costa Mesa office in Orange County.

"Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you and your staff. My move away situation was horrible and I didn’t know what to expect. But after meeting with you, I knew I had found the best possible person to represent me. You were honest, telling me the truth about my case, good and bad. You prepared me for a potentially hard and long battle. Your team was so thorough and detailed oriented, while updating me every step of the way, responding to my emails right away, addressing my concerns clearly and compassionately. Because of your amazing work, my ex husband decided to move as well because he realized he would never win against you. I feel sorry for any other council coming up against you! Robert, you truly have given me my second chance at a happy life. I now get to start over and I could not have done it without you. I am indebted to you and hope you know how thankful I am to have met you, hired you and followed your advices all along. You were the light in my dark tunnel. Thank you Robert and Valerie. Thank you thank you thank you!"

- S.P.

What Our Clients Say

"I can not say enough about Robert and the culture he has created throughout his firm! Client and outcome driven through-and-through, while keeping integrity and “humanness” center stage. I hired Robert and his firm for my paternity case after 10 months with a top notch Los Angeles firm that fell victim to the same manipulations and game-playing my ex functions with. They weren’t able to make any progress. Robert “got it” from day one! In four months, due to his knowledge and skill-set, along with attention to my experiences and outcome goals, Robert had my paternity case settled with a final court order. The integrity with which everyone on my case presented never faltered. Neither did their organization, competency or knowledge base. There was exemplary legal guidance and compassion for the realities of the family law system every step of the way. My ONLY regret is that Robert (and Yvette!!) weren’t on my case from day one. I would not hesitate to recommend Farzad Family Law to anyone with honor, honesty and a child-centered desire for their case. They will receive the same in return and then some!"

- A.C.

What Our Clients Say

"Let me first say this…FINDING A GOOD FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY IS HARD,HARD AS HELL! I was lucky to run into this firm. My situation began a couple years ago when my bitter ex filed court documents against me for custody. I had no idea about court and even less regarding family law. I was in a panic. I interviewed the first attorney I saw on yelp with 5 stars and hired him. He was a horrible attorney. He had no argumentative skills and no strategy plan. This cycle continued. I kept hiring horrible attorneys. I tried everything. I would even go to the oc courts and sit in hearings to see what attorneys appeared to be decent. Nothing worked! I continued to hire horrible attorneys at expensive prices. One day, while surfing the Web for legal information I ran into farzad law. There was a wealth of information on his site (after reading this review, go to his site immediately if you are new to this family law thing). I was desperate for legal representation so I decided to call. I called and the secretary was really nice. She took my name and number and told me Robert Farzad (the owner and lead attorney ) would call me himself. I have called big firms before and usually get second class treatment so I had doubt about actually talking to the head attorney. Not only did Robert call me back, but he called me back from the hospital. He had some medical emergency but still made time to talk to me about my legal issues. He never rushed me and made me feel comfortable. He even discussed a little strategy with me. Believe me strategy in family law is REALLY important. This initial talk with Mr. Farzad was less than a month ago and his firm has already made significant changes with my case. The custody has literally been flipped. I have sole physical custody and mom has visitations. I don’t want to sound like a damn commercial but this firm is good. It’s not one attorney working on your case. They work together like a factory and make sure things stay on point. MATTHEW SUNDLY is the attorney from Farzad’s firm who is overseeing my case. This review is already long as hell. I will do a separate review for MATT. But dads, mothers, whoever …..y’all really need to come to this firm…you can see the difference. I felt compelled to write this review because I know how hard it is to find a good hard working attorney. And trust me I know how stressful this is. It’s emotionally, physically, and financially stressful. This is my honest experience with them. If you have any questions send me a note. GOOD LUCK!"

- D.J.

What Our Clients Say

"Dear Robert and the team, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me, supporting me and always giving me strength and courage not to give up no matter what. Thank you Robert!!!!!"

- P.N.

What Our Clients Say

"Before I met Robert, I had never spent more than six hours per week with my eight month old son. I tried to fight for more time but was never able to succeed. I felt very lost and scared about what might happen because I had absolutely no understanding of the family court system.

My first attorney would barely take my calls or inform me of what was going on. I contacted Robert through his website and online was on the phone with him later that same day. I explained my situation to him and he said that he thought he might be able to help me. Even after our first conversation I already felt better about everything. I met Robert at his office to discuss my case in greater detail. That was a meeting that I will never forget.

After listening to me, Robert explained my options and the possibilities of what might happen. He was extremely upfront and honest with me. He then told me that he only accepts clients who are serious about their cases and who are willing to put in the hard work. This made understand that the only way Robert would fight for me was if I was willing to fight as hard, if not harder, for myself and my son. Right then, I knew that there was no one else I wanted to represent me. Robert immediately went to work preparing my case.

Since things move slowly in family court, it took a while for my case to go in front of a judge. During that time, Robert did an excellent job of gathering all the facts and details he needed and preparing me for the fight that was ahead. He did a wonderful job of keeping my expectations realistic and kept me focused on the big picture.

When our day in court came, I felt very confident and comfortable with Robert fighting for me. At the very first preliminary hearing, Robert was able to increase my time to include overnights every other weekend even though I live in San Diego and my son lives in Orange County. Robert was so well prepared that he knew every aspect of case inside and out. On several instances during the hearing, he even quoted multiple family law codes on the spot. This showed me the level of dedication that Robert was willing to give to my case was unparalleled.

Throughout the entire process of my custody battle and divorce, Robert won on every single motion and argument that was made. He and his entire team at Farzad Family Law were so professional, courteous, and caring. Every one of his associates was always willing to take the time to make sure that completely understood everything and that all of my questions were fully answered no matter how big or how small. I now get to see me son on a very frequent and regular basis and I play a significant role in his life.

I will be eternally grateful for everything that Robert has done for my family. It never felt like he treated me as just another client. He has a way of making it feel personal, as if you have a really good friend fighting in your corner. I will never entrust my case with anyone but Robert and his entire team at Farzad Family Law. I highly recommend hiring him before you find yourself going against him."

- Nick

What Our Clients Say

"It is not an exaggeration to say that the life I lead today is due to the work of Robert Farzad. I was ensnared in a deadly trap by a vengeful ex-wife intent on depriving me of the wealth I worked very hard for while at the same time alienating me from my children. The process was never-ending, I was slowly bleeding to death under unaffordable payments and I was deprived of seeing my young son. Then, I got smart and did what I should have done originally. I fired my existing lawyer and hired Robert. From that point on, despite my ex’s efforts at obstructing the process with every means at her disposal, the ending was already written, and all that remained was for the narrative that Robert promised to play out. Robert cleverly maneuvered my ex into binding arbitration. He was impeccably prepared for the hearing and literally eviscerated my ex while she was under oath. By the time he was done, the arbitrator saw my ex for who she really was. The judgment reflected this in its entirety. I was awarded virtually all remaining assets, visitation was set according to my wishes and support cut to next to nothing. After the judgment was rendered, Robert worked relentlessly to enforce it despite my ex’s efforts to obstruct. Finally, he obtained full custody of my son for me. Throughout the process, Robert was very fair with his billing, and I feel that the money I spent was worth it. Divorce is a life-changing experience, and the end result will determine the quality of your life. If you don’t hire Robert, you are making a mistake, one that you will have to live with for many years. He has my highest recommendation."


What Our Clients Say

"Remember, during the process of your divorce Mr. Farzad will become your most trusted ally. However, it may at times seem not so. Do not lose your cool. Do not focus on the cost. Do not focus on the present but look toward the future His strategy, persistence, and attention he offers to his clients will be seen only when it's all over. No one wins in divorce but he and his staff will see that you come out on top. Free at last."

- Joseph

What Our Clients Say

"It was the toughest time of my life and Robert and his team are compassionate, understanding, and will focus you on what you can control and impact to get a better result. You will get through this process but having Farzad Family Law on your side will make it easier and lead to a better result. Can't say enough about the firm, their staff and the work they do. Don't tell Robert but I would have paid more for the outcome. Stay strong and true to yourself and you and your family will be fine."

- James

What Our Clients Say

"Robert and his staff are very forthcoming with information. They are very straight forward and always kept me up to date on new developments. I felt completely safe and knew that every person working on my case had my best interest at heart; as well as my daughter. I wouldn't have had the outcome I did without the care and representation of Robert Farzad. I highly recommend Farzad Family Law to anyone that is starting or going through a family law matter."

- Erica

What Our Clients Say

"There was not a moment that I felt that they didn’t care about my case, knowing they were working on others cases as well. The actually hearing was nerve wracking however, Robert assured me that everything turns out exactly how it should for the best interest of the children. Robert is not malicious like most lawyers, he is realistic and his advice is positive. I could not thank Robert and Yvette enough for all of their help."

- anonymous

What Our Clients Say

"I was referred to Robert by someone I met at the court house. I'm glad I called him and handed my case to him. Robert takes your case very personal. He doesn't treat you like his client. He treats you like a family member. I loved the work he did for me. Hopefully I don't have to hire him again. But I will definitely hire him when I need an attorney."

- Phi

What Our Clients Say

"Robert gets every detail, he prepares like nothing I have ever seen, and he is an encyclopedia of legal knowledge. If you have serious money at stake, he is the attorney that I would recommend in a moment. He is not cheap but you get your money’s worth, as I did. Also his staff are great, all of whom respond quickly and are very kind professional people. He is exactly the type of lawyer you want if you need a great divorce attorney who knows his stuff."

- WIliam

What Our Clients Say

"I was blessed to find Robert Farzad and his law firm. I have never met an attorney who was so sharp and intelligent. He ALWAYS looked out for the best interest of me and my daughter. Once I retained him I was finally able to sleep through the night and my stress levels were low. I never had to worry about anything. Robert is a genius when it comes to the law. His staff is super friendly and professional. It's hard to find lawyers that have hearts anymore, but you can count on him."

- MD

What Our Clients Say

I retained Robert Farzad to represent me in a custody case for my son about 3 years ago. Finding a good family law attorney to help you successfully navigate Family court is difficult. My only regret is not retaining Robert Farzad sooner than I did! I was served court documents when my son was just days old and I was in a complete panic. I knew NOTHING about family law. I chose a random family law attorney in a rush was represented by different attorney/firm in the beginning of my case for about 2 months. It was a horrible experience. There was no strategy plan in place, and my first attorney seemed like he just wanted to "cut a deal" and be done with my case. I was scared & frustrated. One day, while sitting in OC family court next to my previous attorney, I saw Robert Farzad walk in the court room. He was extremely professional, confident, and I knew I wanted that attorney to take over my case. I needed someone who I felt would fight for me & my son, someone that I could put my confidence in. I called the firm that day, and after hearing details of my case, Robert Farzad immediately made an appointment to meet with me. He reviewed my case, went over a strategy plan with me, and most importantly, gained my trust. Robert spent about 2 hours with me answering questions and offering advice on how we should move forward with my case. Robert was so knowledgeable and helpful. I retained him on the spot & went home that night feeling a huge weight off of my shoulders. I knew that finally I found a great attorney that I could trust to help me with my case. The court battle was long, and I dealt with many of the other attorneys in the Farzad firm over the span of 2 years! Yvette Ochoa was very involved in my case. She is amazing as well! The attorneys in the firm are all so intelligent & professional. The attorneys are responsive to emails (even on weekends), and Robert even gave me his personal cell phone number to make himself available. All I can say is your children & peace of mind are important, and family law/family court can be especially scary. The attorneys at Farzad Family Law will take the best care of you & do everything in their power to make your case outcome as successful as possible! Thank you Robert and Yvette!

- Alyssa

What Our Clients Say

I could not have asked for a more supportive, thorough and professional experience during a very difficult family court experience. If you are searching for a family law attorney, you are undoubtedly in the midst of choices you never prepared for or thought you would have to make. Throughout my experience from initial phone call through the literal final day in court, I felt well taken care of and I was confident the best interest of my children was always at the forefront of the case. Robert leads a team of amazing attorneys and instilled in me the trust that helped me have the courage to move forward. I am eternally grateful for not only the legal expertise, but the care of my family.

- Clarissa

What Our Clients Say

Robert and the rest of the team at his firm achieved not only the big picture results we aimed for, but also remain very savvy at proactively assessing risk and unknowns when dealing with potentially inflammatory co-parenters.

Short term settlement objectives were satisfied, and laying the foundation to protect my child's best interests in the long term were of utmost importance--and continue to create peace of mind.

- RD

What Our Clients Say

This law firm has stuck with me through a lot and has helped me out in so many ways.

This firm will be as invested in you as you're invested in your family. I feel that there are not enough words in the English language to express how grateful I am.

Although Mr. Farzad may disagree since, in my opinion, he is a great verbalist and he can probably find much better words than I could. Which that alone is a great tool to have in court, to exactly explain a situation that leaves less room for interpretation and possible counter-argument.

The cost is high, but you definitely get premium service. They saved my family and for that, I will be forever thankful.

- ZA

What Our Clients Say

I was an emotional wreck and Robert heard my worries, heard my pains and with his calm, compassionate response made me feel some peace, some hope and gave me confidence he could handle the situation. I handed the steering wheel to him. He and his team put their legal experience and knowledge to use in fighting for my daughter and me. His top notch team kept me updated and promptly answered any questions and concerns. I am very pleased with the end result and highly recommend them.

- ML

What Our Clients Say

Mr. Farzad and his office were extremely responsive, professional and discreet. The initial strategy call was extremely helpful and I found that Mr Farzad is genuinely interested in me reaching the fastest, least expensive and best outcome possible. He’s driven by great outcomes more than by making a buck. Finding a family attorney is a daunting project. For my part, I wholeheartedly recommend Farzad and Ochoa and will return to them should I have any future family law needs.

- Sheehan

What Our Clients Say

The idea of navigating a divorce alone was horrifying, but Robert and the Farzad & Ochoa Law team made the entire process very straight forward, and easy to navigate. 
It's hard enough dealing with a separation and our busy lives, but if you do your part to gather the information that the team requests, they help you prepare, and confirm that everything is exactly as the courts need. 
Transparency and communication was flawless. 
I highly recommend you give Farzad & Ochoa Family Law your trust in dealing with your legal needs.

- DK

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