Our Family Law Firm's Proactive Communication Style

Efficient and proactive communication is the foundation for exceptional representation

Communication is at the heart of effective representation. More than any other area, ineffective communication can lead to mistakes or misunderstandings that impact a family law attorney's representation of a client.

But what is efficient and effective communication?

Proactive dialogue, being an engaged listener, and keeping calm and logical leads to objective advice that benefits a client the most
Proactive dialogue, being an engaged listener, and keeping calm and logical leads to objective advice that benefits a client the most

Proactive dialogue is efficient dialogue

Our family law attorneys do not have a reactive style of communication. We have a proactive style. Proactive communication means we engage the client in dialogue when we plan and prepare for each significant step in the case.

Our attorneys are actively engaged listeners

You have likely heard the expression there is no such thing as a dumb question. We really do believe that. You don't do what we do for living every single day. While we may have represented many people in a similar situation as you, you may be going through a divorce or parentage case for the first and only time in your life. We expect you to sometimes be confused throughout the process and no matter how efficiently and effectively we communicate with you, we expect you will have questions.

When those questions come up, you will find in us actively engaged listeners. We will listen to your questions and answer them. We will listen to your concerns and tell you if your concerns should be concerns or if you are worrying about issues you need not worry about.

Our actively engaged listening style puts our clients at ease because no matter what the question or concern may be, the answer is never elusive or too far away.

We offer a calm and logical communication style

Our communication style is calm and logical. We do not let emotions get in the way. Of course, it is normal for you to sometimes be emotionally engaged in your case. We expect that. It would be unusual if that did not happen at some point in the case. But that is exactly why our calm and logical style works. Because while your emotions may sometimes get the better of you, we will not let it take over the decision-making process. Whatever information we have for you, whatever strategy we build together, whatever we plan and prepare, we will do it systematically and in a manner that will help you clearly understand the road ahead.

We provide you with objective advice, not cheerleading

One of my biggest complaints about other family law attorneys is they cheerlead. They tell a client what he or she wants to hear as opposed to what they need to know. They often do this to get the client to retain their services.

You should never want your advocate to tell you what you want to hear. You should always expect your attorney to tell you objectively what you need to know.

We do not look at our discussions as providing good news or bad news. We look at it as the application of the facts to the law and an analysis of the road ahead. This is what truly prepares you to make smart choices.

With us, you have the luxury of knowing we will always be truthful with you, and we will never make an exception to our direct and honest approach. When the facts support your position and the law is on your side, we will tell you. If your case presents challenges we need to work together to overcome, we will tell you. You will always know where you stand with us and you should never expect anything less.

We tailor our communication to your needs

There is no one perfect way to communicate on every single issue. When we send you documents for review that are more for your information than the need for collaboration, we will usually email it to you. If we need to have a short dialogue about an issue or something we want to make sure you can read and understand in writing, we will likely email you or have a short discussion. If we need to have a further dialogue with you because there are questions that need answering and concerns that need addressing, we will discuss with you by telephone or in person those issues. We provide plenty of time to have these telephone calls or in person meetings. We are focused on you during the discussion and only you. We don't rush you. We take our time and want you to do the same.

Effective and efficient communication is essential to good representation. You should expect from your family law attorney everything I have listed above and you can be sure that everything I listed you will receive from our respected and trusted family law firm.