Strategic planning, exceptional communication and result focused representation

Our Obsession with Excellence

Disciplined, Diligent and No-Nonsense Advocacy Style

Why is that our style? Because that is our mark of excellence.

There is no substitute for experience. We know that. That is why we bring decades of combined family law experience to every case. But that is not good enough for us. It takes more.

Our family law firm achieves success on behalf of our clients because we take the time to know our client’s reasonable goals and needs and prepare to meet both, inside and outside the courtroom. And along the way, we collaborate and strategize with our clients to ensure we spend time on issues that matter and do not allow ourselves or our clients to get caught up in the other party’s or lawyer’s nonsense.

Each client knows their case’s status at all times because we expect nothing less from ourselves and you should expect nothing less from your family law attorneys.

No guessing, no wondering how your case is going.

No worrying about whether your attorney will be prepared for court.

Your goals are our goals and result focused advocacy is how we get you to the finish line.

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