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Matthew J.


Matthew J. Sundly Farzad & Ochoa Family Law Attorneys, LLP

Senior Associate

1851 East 1st Street, Suite 460,

Santa Ana, CA 92705

Matthew J. Sundly is a senior associate and attorney at Farzad & Ochoa Family Law Attorneys, LLP

Mr. Sundly obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and his Juris Doctorate from Western State University, College of Law. He has been a licensed California attorney since the year 1998.

Cool, calm and strong - those are the three words that describe Mr. Sundly to a tee. While many divorce and family law attorneys feel the need to take a bad situation and make it worse, Mr. Sundly's legal knowledge, experience and calming influence brings logic and reason to emotionally charged situations. Many family law judges respect Mr. Sundly exactly for that reason. He walks into Family Court strong, prepared and does not waste time and energy on fluff or issues that do not make a difference to the ultimate goal.

The firm's managing partner, B. Robert Farzad says,

"Matthew is a force inside the courtroom, while still maintaining his professional and kind personality. The firm's clients love him because he knows how to win and is a pleasure to talk to throughout the case.

In the more than ten years Matthew has been with the firm, I have had the pleasure of seeing him excel at the practice of family law and become one of the most respected family law attorneys in our community."

  • Matthew is an active member of the Orange County Bar Association.
  • He works at the firm's Orange County office.
  • Matthew's skill and experience is in divorce and parentage cases that involve complex child custody, child support and spousal support issues.
  • Matthew is a volunteer, pro-bono attorney at Human Options in Orange County.

Matthew Sundly's area of law, like all of the attorneys at the firm, is limited exclusively to divorce and family law cases.

"Let me first say this…FINDING A GOOD FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY IS HARD,HARD AS HELL! I was lucky to run into this firm. My situation began a couple years ago when my bitter ex filed court documents against me for custody. I had no idea about court and even less regarding family law. I was in a panic. I interviewed the first attorney I saw on yelp with 5 stars and hired him. He was a horrible attorney. He had no argumentative skills and no strategy plan. This cycle continued. I kept hiring horrible attorneys. I tried everything. I would even go to the oc courts and sit in hearings to see what attorneys appeared to be decent. Nothing worked! I continued to hire horrible attorneys at expensive prices. One day, while surfing the Web for legal information I ran into farzad law. There was a wealth of information on his site (after reading this review, go to his site immediately if you are new to this family law thing). I was desperate for legal representation so I decided to call. I called and the secretary was really nice. She took my name and number and told me Robert Farzad (the owner and lead attorney ) would call me himself. I have called big firms before and usually get second class treatment so I had doubt about actually talking to the head attorney. Not only did Robert call me back, but he called me back from the hospital. He had some medical emergency but still made time to talk to me about my legal issues. He never rushed me and made me feel comfortable. He even discussed a little strategy with me. Believe me strategy in family law is REALLY important. This initial talk with Mr. Farzad was less than a month ago and his firm has already made significant changes with my case. The custody has literally been flipped. I have sole physical custody and mom has visitations. I don’t want to sound like a damn commercial but this firm is good. It’s not one attorney working on your case. They work together like a factory and make sure things stay on point. MATTHEW SUNDLY is the attorney from Farzad’s firm who is overseeing my case. This review is already long as hell. I will do a separate review for MATT. But dads, mothers, whoever …..y’all really need to come to this firm…you can see the difference. I felt compelled to write this review because I know how hard it is to find a good hard working attorney. And trust me I know how stressful this is. It’s emotionally, physically, and financially stressful. This is my honest experience with them. If you have any questions send me a note. GOOD LUCK!"

- D.J.

What Our Clients Say

"Mr. Sundly did an excellent job handling my divorce. He was very thorough and was always there to help me and answer any questions during this very hard time!"

- Steve

What Our Clients Say

"Matthew Sundly provided me with the results that I was looking for. He was attentive, professional and his team did an excellent job at handling my case."

- anonymous

What Our Clients Say

"Matt is a trust worthy and knowledgeable lawyer who I can depend on guiding me in the right direction with my custody case. My case is still currently going on but so far he's gotten me full custody If,u 4 year old son which I can't ask for anything more!"

- Cullen

What Our Clients Say

"Matt, Is a honest fair attorney. I've have always had full confidence in his work. He takes the time to explain things, he is fair, he does look out for the best interest for your child and you a child. I have and will continue to recommend Matt to anyone going through a delicate time in their life. Yes you can surely count on feeling safe and taken care of by Mr. Sundly. He is a honest man!!"

- Cynthia

What Our Clients Say

"I initially hired an attorney who was not as focused on difficult custody situations so I found myself in a position to find a new attorney and the firm where Matthew Sundly works came highly recommended. He immediately jumped in and brought a level of confidence and genuine care to my family situation. Divorce is hard. I am glad to have had Matt and his team supporting me through the process."

- Delton

What Our Clients Say

"Mr. Sundley and his team were quick to take action and to resolved my case. I am very happy with his work and I highly recommend him and his office."

- Christine

What Our Clients Say

"I wish I had found Matt at the beginning of my case, but I'm glad to have had him to finish it up. Matt understands family law and the court system. He presents well in court and was well respected by all. I would not hesitate, if needed, to retain Matt for any family law matter. He's my go-to-guy."

- Earl

What Our Clients Say

"It was because of Mr. Sundly's calm and pleasant demeanor and Farzad Family Law's incredible staff that something that could have easily been as stressful (if not more) as my previous "battles" with my ex-wife. I was always kept "In the loop" as to what was going on, what the next steps were and what, if anything, was needed from me. Mr. Sundly took the bull by the horns and did everything possible for me. He was consistently giving me his run-down of what occurred during meetings with the opposing counsel as well as his personal insight. It would not be possible to express in words just how grateful I am to Mr. Sundly"

- Scott

What Our Clients Say

"I came to him after my original attorney did nothing more than sit and take my money, Mr. Sundly was responsive and made me feel like he cared what the outcome would be. He took what was nothing 19% custody of my son to 48% and I am sure that if I would have gone with him initially I would have had at least 50%. My only regret is that I did not go to him first."

- anonymous

What Our Clients Say

If you're looking for an excellent attorney for a family law case, Farzad Family Law is exactly what you need. From the very first call and strategy meeting, I felt instantly at ease and confident that my representation would be nothing short of amazing. I've had the pleasure of working with Matt, Peter, and Robert and they don't just claim to care about you and your personal situation; their actions prove it.

You are NOT just another case in this firm. You are unique and your case will be handled as such, with great care and attention to every detail.

I began my internet search for a firm with experts in domestic violence and Farzad Family Law drastically stood out from all the rest. I highly suggest you read the articles written within their website. Knowledge is power; and these articles were (and continue to be) a great source of strength for me. If you need a phenomenal attorney, one who cares about you and your children and is attentive to your needs, then this firm is absolutely the way to go! The attorneys here radiate sincerity and will make you feel very comfortable and confident from start to finish. Highly, highly recommended!

- Julie

What Our Clients Say

Matt Sundly has been the greatest attorney to work with! My husband had the pleasure of working with him on his prior divorce and Matt recently helped me with my modification for custody and child support. He is a great attorney, in the court room he is aggressive and will fight with all of his might for you. He returns your calls when you need him and always gives you the best advice. He is an honest and outstanding attorney, I have recommended Farzad Law to anyone who has asked me for a referral. If you want the best, they are it.

- R.R.

What Our Clients Say

There are no words to adequately express my gratitude for the services I received during the course of my, unusually complicated divorce. The entire team guided me through an extremely difficult period in my life. Their caring, for me as a person as well as a client was always evident throughout the process. Each and every member of this remarkable team remained professional, competent and effective to the very end. I have to extend extra thanks to Robert, Yvette, and Matthew for their exceptional expertise; having them on my side gave me a peace of mind that I will always be grateful for.

- Nita

What Our Clients Say

I have never written a business review. But I feel the need to say thank you to Matt Sundly. Matt gave me very human, clear-eyed, and precise advice in my hour-long consultation and follow-up to deal with a crazy custodial conflict issue in the middle of this COVID crisis. I am hoping I will not need to take my case to court, but I feel very secure in Matt's and this firm's hands. Absolutely recommend.

- RJ

What Our Clients Say

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