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Family Law Attorneys in Orange County CA

You contact a family law attorney in Orange County because of marital problems that have led or will lead to a divorce. When you make the call, you hope to find an attorney that will help you solve those problems.

What may surprise you is how much of those solutions are actually in your control.

What may surprise you is that your spouse, no matter his difficult he or she is, cannot take this control away from you so long as you follow three basic rules.

In this article, we are going to discuss divorce solutions within your grasp. We are going to discuss how the right family law attorney in Orange County can help you get to a successful end.

1. Solution #1 - Reasonable Expectations

This is not always easy but it is an absolute necessity if you intend to navigate the sometimes rough waters of a divorce. If you go in with attitude of, "I want this" or "I want that" without first figuring out if your expectations are reasonable, you are setting yourself up for heartache and a headache, not to mention a lot of wasted attorney's fees. How do our family law attorneys handle our client's expectations? We are honest with them from day one. We are not cheerleaders. Our family law attorneys don't tell clients what they "want" to hear but rather what we believe the issues to be and the court's options to resolve those issues. If a divorce client has a set of expectations that are not realistic (not in the children's best interest, inconsistent with the law, not supported by the facts), we tell that prospective client the truth. 90% of people appreciate that and just want a lawyer who will be honest with them. Those are the types of clients we successfully represent.

2. Solution #2 - Budgeting Attorney Fees

If you think spending 10 dollars on a 9 dollar dispute is foolish, raise your hand…I hope you raised your hand. Yet, so many spouses do exactly that in divorce cases. Sometimes, certain aspects of a family law case cannot be settled and has to be litigated. Custody is one example especially when your spouse / other parent just refuses to act in the children's best interest and is taking absurd positions. There are other examples. But, for the most part, with the help of the right family law attorney in Orange County, you can pick your divorce battles wisely and only when necessary.

Issues that should be resolved without litigation will be if you cooperate with us. If your spouse does not cooperate and the issue has to go to Court, the paper trail we will have left to show all of your reasonable efforts to settle the case will help you potentially obtain lawyer's fees against your spouse for violation of Family Code section 271.

3. Solution #3 - Effective Communication

Divorce solutions require communication. There is no if's, but's or and's about it. If you and your family law attorney don't communicate on a reasonable and regular basis, he or she won't be effective in representing you and you won't be effective in helping your attorney. This is another area where our family law attorneys are exceptional. Clients don't wait for phone calls longer than 24 hours. In the unlikely event the Orange County family law attorney assigned to the case is not available (because he or she is in trial), we will set a time after hours or the next available time for the attorney and client to speak. Since we also work as a "team" at our family law firm, there is always another attorney who can communicate with you if your attorney is not immediately available.

Follow the three rules of reasonable expectations, budgeting attorney fees and effective communication and you will be well on your way toward solving problems and obtaining solutions for your divorce case.

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