Our Network of Experts

Appraisers, forensic accountants, therapists, and so much more

Through many years of family law experience, our family law firm has built a network of experts or professionals with whom we work. This network benefits our clients but bringing their knowledge and experience to family law cases.

Forensic accountants

Forensic accountants have many uses in family law cases. In a divorce or parentage case, a forensic accountant can help determine income available for support purposes. In a divorce case, they can also determine the value of a business, help trace separate or community property assets or help with other accounting needs a family law client may have. Over years of experience, we have built relationships with excellent forensic accountants who assist our clients when they have such needs.

Real estate professionals

We have built relationships with real estate professionals including appraisers and real estate brokers and salespersons. Many divorces involve a family residence and the parties will likely need to decide how to divide the family residence’s equity. Whether the family residence’s equity is divided through a buyout or sale, a real estate professional's advice is essential. We can put you in touch with real estate professionals we have used and we trust to do good work for you

Attorneys who prepare qualified domestic relations orders

We work with experienced attorneys whose expertise is dividing retirements. We believe division of retirements is a specialized area within family law. For that reason, we use these attorney experts who have dedicated either the majority or all of their practice to preparing qualified or standard domestic relations orders and helping to divide retirements. We have built professional relationships and they help our clients divide different retirement types including those that are private or governmental.

Child custody experts

High conflict child custody cases often require child custody experts. We are familiar with the various private child custody evaluators courts may appoint to a case. One of the advantages of practicing family law for many years is we have come to know the different styles these private child custody evaluators may have and which ones may be a better fit for the type of case.

But separate from their appointment as the court's expert, we also work with child custody experts who can provide consulting advice to our clients. This includes consulting advice regardless of whether our client is undergoing a private child custody evaluation.

Reunification counselors

If a parent has significantly alienated the child or children and our client comes to us after a significant amount of alienation has already occurred, we may need a reunification counselor's assistance to help restore the parent-child relationship. Unfortunately, many of these cases come to us after a significant amount of damage has already been done. However, we do not believe in giving up on the parent-child relationship and for those reasons we consider reunification therapy an important part of rebuilding trust and the parent – child relationship.