Our Family Law Attorneys Are Busy Working, Not Golfing

Driven to provide the highest quality of family law representation for our clients

Your family law attorney's work ethic matters more than you may realize

Lawyers are like people in any other profession. There are bad lawyers, good ones, and those who are the profession's elite. Those who are at the top of their area of law, in the elite category, are the model for their profession. They are respected and trusted by their clients and the judiciary. Their colleagues know this well. And these top attorneys get the right results because of their legal knowledge, experience and skills inside and outside the courtroom.

No compromise to the quality of family law representation

As for our family law firm, there is no compromise on this issue. We believe working harder, smarter, our diligence and discipline in all we do is what gets us and keeps us at an optimal level.

How do we do this?

There is no substitute for hard work and preparation. We get the results for our clients because we believe we simply will not compromise quality of representation.

From the initial strategy session through the case's conclusion, our clients see and are rewarded by our in-depth knowledge of California family law. We know case law and code. We know rules and procedure. We understand the general principles and the exceptions to them. You cannot practice family law at a high level without knowing all of this and constantly being updated on new developments.

A strategic and result-focused approach to every case

Our clients also learn we take a highly strategic approach to their case. We don't consider any two cases to be identical. We customize the strategy based on the client's facts and issues. Budget has to play a role although we also understand budget can only be controlled so much. Thus, we communicate with clients about the importance of reasonable compromise on issues that should be resolved.

Our family law clients are not left wondering about the case's status

As for our communication skills, clients do not ever wonder when their lawyer will call them back. When a client calls for his or her attorney, he or she speaks with that attorney and when that attorney is not available because of trial or other engagements, we proactively set a time to talk. We are also able to handle our client's urgent issues during the day, evening and even on the weekends when clients need us.

Communication at a high level is proactive

We don't wait for our clients to contact us. When there are potential developments on any issue, we contact our clients immediately. Some communication is easier by email. Some communication requires dialogue and that is either a telephone or in person meeting. When we need to present documents for our client's review, we make sure we provide our client with plenty of time to review it, ask questions and collaborate with us until the final version is complete.

We do not rush important decisions

I see so many other attorneys rush clients into settlements or decisions they are not ready to make. We do not do that to our clients because we believe there has to be thought put into any settlement agreement, or any other important issue, before the parties finalize it.

We are built for complex family law cases

And what about complex issues? Our family law firm is built to handle complex cases. We are not a one or two lawyer practice with limited resources. We are one of the larger family law firms in Southern California. We also employ numerous support staff and have multiple offices. We can take on and effectively handle any case of any size.

Our approach to complex cases is to dissect the issues to figure out which ones should resolve and which ones likely will not. Our in-depth knowledge of the law and procedure allows us to pierce through the nonsense we often see other lawyers get caught up in. Spending money on issues that don't matter only wastes money and we will avoid that at every turn.

We seek attorney's fees against spouses or parents who cause unnecessary litigation

We seek attorney's fees against the other spouse or parent when the other spouse or parent unnecessarily causes litigation. It does not matter whether the other spouse is a higher income earner or the lower one.

The California Family Code punishes parties of any wealth level when they engage in misconduct. So whether you are the higher income earner or a stay-at-home parent or someone in between, the law is there to help you when the other spouse or parent is out of control.

High skill level and decades of combined experience inside the courtroom

Inside the courtroom, we know the rules of procedure and evidence well and know how to put on a hearing or trial.

Our extensive experience litigating cases of every size inside a courtroom gives us a distinct advantage over less experienced or less knowledgeable attorneys, or even attorneys of significant experience who are simply not courtroom litigators. Our results speak for themselves as do the glowing testimonials we received from our clients.

Why would you expect or accept anything other than quality representation?

In life, there are often compromises. But when it comes to the quality of representation in a divorce or parentage case, there should be no compromise. And that lack of compromise and focused commitment to exceptional representation is what makes our family law firm the right choice.