Are You Searching for a Father's Rights Attorney in Orange County?

Read this article before you hire an alleged "father's rights" attorney

Searching for a Fathers Rights Attorney in Orange County, CA?

Do your due diligence before you hire a father's rights attorney in Orange County

So you typed in the words "fathers right attorney Orange County CA" or something similar to that and hoped to find someone who can help you. Really, you are looking for a good Orange County divorce attorney but you have somehow convinced yourself that because you are male, you will face an uphill battle in court regarding your child or children and therefore you need not just any Orange County divorce attorney but a fathers right attorney.

Am I right?

Then take a few minutes and read this article.

You may assume that we intend to sell you that our attorneys are Orange County fathers rights attorneys…that's not the case at all. We represent husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. Instead, the goal of this article is to help you understand why you should be careful before you hire someone who "sells" themselves as a fathers right attorney.

Don't hire a Orange County divorce attorney just because he calls himself a "fathers rights attorney"

Most Orange County divorce attorneys who call themselves fathers rights attorneys are men. Some are women.

These attorneys don't hold any special knowledge. There is no "secret" in representing fathers. Dads, like moms, need experienced and intelligent representation. The fact an Orange County divorce attorney calls himself a fathers rights attorney does not make him or her more qualified to handle your case.

You still have to conduct your due diligence and make sure the divorce attorney you intend to hire knows what he or she is doing - Orange County divorce attorney reviews and testimonials, experience in cases like yours, knowledge of the law, a strategy and a budget for your divorce case are all critical, regardless of the label of an "Orange County fathers rights attorney."

California law does not allow gender preference in divorce or custody cases

There was a time in California where mothers get special preferences in Orange County custody cases. It was, in some respects, an unspoken rule. That was a very long time ago and it simply isn't the case anymore, especially in Orange County Family Court.

Judges in Orange County do not care whether you are male or female. How do I know that? Because our experienced Orange County divorce attorneys have gotten plenty of dads joint or sole custody and not once have I walked out of a courtroom after a case where I represented a father and believed that there was any prejudice against my client because he was male. Do you know why Orange County family law judge don't discriminate? Because California law does not allow gender preference in custody cases.

Here is the law.

Custody should be granted in the following order of preference according to the best interest of the child as provided in Sections 3011 and 3020:

(1) To both parents jointly pursuant to Chapter 4…In making an order granting custody to either parent, the court shall consider, among other factors, which parent is more likely to allow the child frequent and continuing contact with the noncustodial parent, consistent with Section 3011 and 3020, and shall not prefer a parent as custodian because of that parent's sex. The court, in its discretion, may require the parents to submit to the court a plan for the implementation of the custody order…

Overaggressive representation by an Orange County fathers rights attorney may hurt your case more than you realize

If you are hiring someone who calls himself an Orange County fathers rights attorney because you think that lawyer will be more aggressive in your representation, you should take a step back and talk to us first. Our law firm has gone up against overaggressive attorneys who over-hype their client's position and fall in disfavor with the court because of unreasonable positions they take.

You may think your Orange County fathers rights attorney is "fighting for you" (to coin a cliché) but you are more likely than not hurting your own credibility in front of the family law judge. Facts are stubborn things, as John Adams said. Facts don't care about your gender. Strategy, preparation and professionalism is what gets knowledgeable Orange County divorce attorneys to win - not hyperbole and "pit bull" behavior, like some attorneys like to call themselves. I always found that term ironic when some fathers right divorce attorneys in Orange County wear that moniker with pride, considering what a terrible reputations such dogs have.

Hire a top Orange County divorce attorney for your case

Forget labels. Forget titles. Forget Orange County divorce attorneys that play on your emotions and try to convince you that they are something special just because they represents fathers. Interview attorneys, look at their client testimonials and case results, ask for references and conduct your due diligence. Don't just show up to a consultation because it's free. Make sure you get something worthwhile out of it.

Our Orange County divorce attorneys are ready to help you. We won't give you on fluff or self-serving titles. Instead, we will show you the right way from the moment you contact us. That's why we are successful at the representation of our Orange County divorce clients. That's why so many clients, fathers and mothers, choose us as their advocate.

Contact us today for an informative consultation at a reasonable and affordable price.

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