Choosing a Family Law Attorney with Care

Do not rush the decision and make your choice with care

Carefully Choose Your Family Law Attorney

When you look for a family law attorney, what do you look for? Do you know?

Is it experience? Plenty of family law attorneys will tell you they have that. But is it the right kind?

Is it knowledge? How do you figure that out through a consultation. Plenty of family law attorneys can "talk" a good game.

Give up yet? Let's look at some qualities to look for when you're looking for the right family law attorney.

1. The family law attorney must have the "right" kind of experience.

If you think your case is a simple, cookie-cutter case like every other divorce and doesn't require any particular focus, then any family law attorney you hire for your case may be the right one. But what if you don't? What if you have a difficult child custody situation? What if you are the wife and have a husband who is hiding assets and money? What if you are the husband and have a wife falsely accusing you of that? What is the right family law attorney for that type of divorce case? Keep reading.

2. The family law attorney must have the "right" kind of personality.

You may be surprised to read the word personality in that sentence but it's an important factor.

  • If you have an aggressive spouse who you believe will be difficult and unreasonable, you need an effective and strong litigator.
  • If you have a spouse that you believe will make false allegations of abuse in a divorce, you need a family law attorney who is willing to hold your spouse accountable.
  • If you have the kind of case that should resolve and you want to make sure your family law attorney focused on resolution, you need a calm and solution focused family law attorney.

Is there a family law firm that fits all of those descriptions? You bet. Keep reading.

3. The family law attorney must come highly referred.

I have saved the most important for last. It is also the one factor most family law attorneys (or for that most divorce lawyers in general) will fail to provide you because they simply don't have it - testimonials and references. Sure, some family law attorneys may give you a few. If you have been practicing law long enough, you have to have done something right. But what does that really tell you? Has the attorney you are thinking about hiring only handled a "few" cases? Should't you get at least 5? 10? More?


Very much yes.

Which family law attorney should you hire for your divorce case?

We will let you make that decision but consider the following:

1. Our family law attorneys have been licensed lawyers in the State of California for over 60 years combined.

2. Our family law attorneys have handled all types of divorce and family law case - from the very complex to those that have resolved in a matter of weeks or months.

3. Our lawyers are fit to suit your case - we are aggressive and strong litigators but we come with a high number of very successful negotiations on behalf of clients. When your divorce case needs the best of all worlds, we believe we are the right choice.

Most importantly, you don't have to take our word for it. You want to know why we believe we are the right family law attorneys for your divorce? Because our clients tell you that. Not a couple. Not a few. Not several. But an incredible number of glowing testimonials, all written by clients, some of which go into great details about how we helped them get through the most difficult time of their life with success and results.

Read for yourself. It's just a sampling. There are more and if you want references on top of the testimonials, you only need to ask.

We are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled family law attorneys and we are one phone call or email away.

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