Helping Your Orange County Divorce Attorney Get Results

Helping Your Divorce Attorney Get The Right Result

First, let’s get a few myths or urban legends out of the way regarding the right Orange County divorce attorney for your family law case. Raise your hand if you think not all divorce attorneys are created equal. Good…now, keep your hand up if you also believe that you play a key role in the success of your family law case. Is your hand still up? Good. Then, some of what we are about to write should already be known to you. If your hand went down, then you have to read the following words very carefully.

Your divorce attorney and communication

Communication is a two-way road. There is no exception. When your divorce attorney calls you, you have to call him or her back. When you call your divorce attorney, you should expect the attorney to take the call or call you back. Why? Because communication is the heart and soul of the attorney-client relationship and there isn’t a single divorce attorney that can be successful in your representation without regular and efficient communication

Your divorce attorney and strategy

Successful divorce attorneys don’t have magical spells or wands that get results. Communication, hard work and strategy building is the key. What do we mean by strategy? I will give you an example. I have talked to many prospective clients who are considering changing attorneys. I ask two questions after I get to know the client – first, “what are your goals?” Well over 50% of the time, the answer is, “I am not sure…I haven’t really been asked that question.” A second question, if the potential client can articulate the goal is, “what strategy did you and your attorney put together to accomplish those goals?” Over 80% of the time, the answer is, “none.” This is a problem.

How can you get to the right end if you don’t know what that end is? How can you reach that successful end without a plan of action? Strategy building starts from the first moment you hire your divorce attorney and it never stops.

Your divorce attorney and budgets

Who has an open checkbook? Who doesn’t care how much money they spend on attorney fees? You didn’t raise your hand, nor should you. Every case should have a budget, not necessary one down to the dollar, but something that gives direction on what a client can and cannot afford. This is important for two reasons – first, the lawyer knows to check with the prospective client before litigation gets too expensive for the client to afford and, second, the client can advise the attorney which of the tactics the attorney has offered to the client make the most sense for the client.

Help your Orange County divorce attorney to get good results

If you are frustrated with your attorney and you feel it is time to make a change, contact us. We know making the change isn’t easy but by effective communication, strategy building and budget analysis, your divorce case can be managed and handled with one thing in mind – fair results.

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