10 Ways Top Divorce Lawyers Win Custody Cases

10 Ways Top Divorce Lawyers Win Custody Cases

Let us show you the 10 ways top divorce lawyers can help you win your child custody case.

We created this top 10 list to highlight some of the things top divorce lawyers will do to give you the best chance to prevail in child custody cases. While nobody has a crystal ball and no ethical lawyer would ever make you any guarantees, there are things that can be done that property present your facts, the law and your position to the court in the most persuasive way.

What are these?

Top divorce lawyers will:

1. Narrow the issues for you so that you can decide which of your child custody and visitation issues are worth a court hearing and which ones are not. This is one of the most important things that top divorce lawyers can do for you because it will ensure that when you walk into court in a contested case, you will have the facts and the law on your side. Inexperienced and unskilled divorce lawyers do not distinguish well between issues worth fighting for and those that any reasonable family law judge would expect to settle.

2. Gather witnesses and documents before they step into court on a custody case. We are amazed how many divorce lawyers, even those with experience, walk into child custody hearings unprepared. Even though there were witnesses to interview and subpoena, documents to together including e-mails, text messages, correspondence, medical records, police reports and other such evidence, many divorce lawyers simply do not do their due diligence before arguing the facts to the court. Our divorce lawyers stand out and win custody cases for our clients because of our preparation and attention to detail. That is the type a lawyer you want on your side.

3. Focus on the best interests of the children in the custody case. Too many lawyers get caught up in their client’s own allegations as well as that of the other parent that they forget the entire focus of a child custody case is the children. We teach our clients how to be child focused because we don’t ever want our clients to make rash or emotional decisions that will not bring them successful results in court.

4. Become familiar with the local court’s parenting guidelines. These guidelines are a roadmap for every child custody case so that the lawyers and the parents know the options that the court has in front of it when it makes a ruling on custody. 

5. Know the tendencies of the family law judge assigned to the case. Through experience and knowledge, we have learned what things are important to particular family law judges. The best divorce lawyers know these tendencies and know how to properly present a case in front of that judge.

6. Not waste their client’s money unnecessarily on litigation that will not help the case progress toward resolution or trial. Our divorce lawyers are consistently confounded by other attorneys who waste their client’s money on ridiculous discovery and letter writing which accomplishes little to nothing in a child custody matters. Our divorce lawyers put the client first, not the fees. As a result, we are client and child focused from the beginning and make sure that the time to spend on the case is necessary and wise and does not waste our client’s and attorney fees.

7. Constantly communicate with their client about the facts and developments. You should not hear from your lawyer once every blue moon or only when you call him or her. Our divorce lawyers take the time to make sure that we communicate with our divorce clients on a frequent and regular basis so that our clients are always informed on the development of their case and our clients always feel comfortable contacting us any time they need us. It is rare that a client ever has to wait more than 24 hours for a return phone call and, even then, if your lawyer assigned to the case is in trial and is not immediately available, a phone appointment is immediately set to ensure you receive a prompt return phone call.

8. Manage their client’s expectations: Few things are worse than telling a client that a particular result will occur when the lawyer knows or should know that such a result is not likely. Our lawyers do not make promises to clients about specific results. Even with our extensive experience and knowledge, we understand that nobody can predict the future in any divorce case. However that same experience and knowledge has taught us that there are outcomes in a divorce and custody case that are more likely than others and we ensure our clients are educated on those potential outcomes as well as their options to maximize their ability to obtain the outcome that is in their children’s best interest.

9. Not tolerate delay tactics or attempts by the opposing parent to run up attorney sees. Patience is a virtue. However, our lawyers have little patience for abusive parents or those who cost our client unnecessary lawyers fees by their deliberate delays or misconduct. In such cases, we aggressively pursue attorneys fees against the other parent to ensure that parent and his or her lawyer understand that delays and malicious conduct will come with serious consequences.

In addition to the above, we believe the best divorce lawyers only represent good people with the right intentions. Our number one rule is simple. We will not represent parents who intend to use the children as leverage or who are abusive emotionally or physically toward the children. If a parent is falsely accused of these things, we aggressively and effectively represent such parents.

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