Father’s Rights Video

[This video is in the process of being updated. We will post it at a later date]

We hope you enjoyed this father's rights video. It exemplifies our belief that effective representation of fathers starts and ends with an honest and logical approach. So many fathers think there is a "bias" against them in Family Court. They worry about the "system" and think judges favor mothers. Talk to the dads we represent and they would tell you something different. They would tell you how happy they are with their results. Why? Watch our father's rights video to find out.

Here is some additional resources you will enjoy.

Firm president, B. Robert Farzad, wrote the top 5 dumb mistakes dads make during divorce. It is a popular blog post on the Huffington Post.

Want to learn more about child custody for fathers? The first question most dads ask is how they can get custody and time with their child? Well, we have written that article and we walk fathers through the process.