Video about Child Custody in California

[This video is in the process of being updated. We will post it at a later date]

This video on California child custody laws is an introduction on how our system of laws and procedure work. Family law judges in child custody cases are focused on the child's best interest. That best interest includes the health, safety, education and general welfare of the child. As this child custody video explains, the Court has several options available to it before it makes a decision regarding a child's best interest. The Court can hold a full hearing, order a forensic psychologist to conduct a private child custody evaluation and report back to the Court, appoint a lawyer for the children (called a minor's counsel), order a child custody investigation (called a CCI in Orange County), a combination of these or more.

Ideally, the parents never see the inside of a Courtroom and are able to reach a parenting plan that works for the children and is consistent with their best interest. But if the parents cannot, then a child custody attorney's knowledge and experience is essential to effective representation.

Our lawyers are all of those things - we have the knowledge, experience, problem solving attitude and the respect that comes with not just being great advocates but child centered. We hope you enjoy this video and please contact us if you have a child custody case in Orange County and need an affordable strategy session about your specific matter.

Nothing in the video is legal advice nor should it be construed as that.