IndieGoGo - Real Conversations About Real Issues

What is IndieGoGo?

It is not often I promote news related to new social media outlets on the firm's website. But every once in a while an idea comes along that merits promotion. That idea is The Good Men Project's IndieGoGo campaign.

What is IndieGoGo? Their website says it best:

We are re-inventing media.

Media has historically been passive. It started with things you read—books, newspapers, magazines. Then radio and television brought media you consumed. Blogs and podcasts were re-configurations of…you guessed it, things you read or media you listened to. Social media gave us media you shared. But social media—as we soon found out—isn't always social. There are trolls. Polarization. Misunderstandings.

IndieGoGo allows real people to discuss real life issues in an internet camp fire setting. What issues?

Conversations about Politics. Parenting. News. Gender & Sexuality. Racism. Ethics. Sexism. Wellness. Relationships. And more.

It seems to be about an honest collaboration of ideas and perhaps finding solutions to real life problems. Our interest in this is how husbands, wives, fathers and mother can have an outlet to discuss issues related to parenting, marriage and perhaps the stress and emotions that can come with divorce.

Is IndieGoGo for you? One way to find out - check out their website and find out for yourself.

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