Divorce Attorneys in Newport Beach

Divorce Attorneys in Newport Beach

Newport Beach, California is a beautiful place to live and work. From its homes, coastline, shopping and amenities, Newport caters to those who love the finer things in life and are ready to pay a premium for it.

Newport Beach lifestyle.

Newport Beach residents are generally affluent. Even small homes or retail shops can come with high price tags or expensive lease rates.

Newport Beach also caters to a certain lifestyle and that lifestyle ranges from the middle and upper income class to the very wealthy.

Newport Beach spouses face the same issues as others when they separate.

Husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, whether married or unmarried, face the same issues when they break up or separate as residents of any other city. California law is State and County focused.

That means California State law controls California Family Law but there are also Orange County local rules for family law.

Do you really know why you are searching for a divorce attorney in Newport Beach?

Newport Beach residents are sometimes more local focused when searching for service professionals.

This obviously includes lawyers.This is value to having an attorney local to you but the decision you make should be based on more than that locality.

Is the divorce lawyer in Newport Beach a solo practitioner or part of an executive suite?

A Newport Beach address comes with prestige to some people. It does so for all the reasons we have already stated. But have you considered the following? In today's world of executive suites and appearances that make a professional look more successful than he or she is, be careful if you are relying heavily on a Newport Beach address when picking a divorce attorney.

You may walk into an office suite, see a receptionist, see people working hard and then go visit your lawyer for the first time, right?

You think this picture fits you and the kind of law office you want. You also associate that success with someone who is good at what they do and has built a law firm. It is normal to think and feel that way. "He has to be a good lawyer. Look at this office and how beautiful it is and the number of the staff," you may even be impressed.

But is that even the divorce lawyer's office?

Many lawyers who are solo practitioners lease in an executive suite. An executive suite may mean they may have their little office and nothing else while they have "privileges" to a use a common receptionist (common to many others in the execute suite) and use the common areas that everyone else shares.

That reception may not be an employee of that divorce attorney. He or she may be a receptionist for all the different offices and businesses that are in that suite. All of those people you see working…don't assume they are that divorce attorney's employees or associates. They may be a bunch of other solo practitioners or other businesses who lease the executive suite.

Sometimes, the attorney may not even have an office there. To place a Newport Beach address on their letterhead, all it may take is having conference room privileges. You read that right. Not a physical office where people actually work for that business but simply the privilege of being able to use a conference room to meet clients.

In short, don't fall for a facade. If you're looking for success in your divorce attorney and the size of the family law firm matters to you and so does the family law firm's reputation, make sure you're actually getting what you were looking for.

Does your divorce attorney in Newport Beach have the knowledge, experience and reputation you want?

This is where the rubber really does meet the road. Who is the divorce attorney in Newport Beach that you are thinking about hiring?

Is it an attorney who is trusted, respected and has great reviews written by actual clients? Or someone who just happened to locate their office there.

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