Calculating Parenting Time Percentage for Child Support

Calculating parenting time percentage just got easier

Calculating Parenting Time Percentage

Calculating parenting time percentage can be a pain. Fortunately, it is not difficult to find on the Internet various tables that do the calculation for you. Most people use the same table and we have a list we customized and like to use.

We did not put on the list some of the more odd schedules but instead focused on the ones more common. You can also mix-and-match the parenting time and borrow different percentages from different rows to add up the total percentage.

In the list below a “weekend” is from Friday at 5 PM to Sunday at 5 PM. Where you see the words “extended weekend” it refers to Friday at approximately 2 PM to 3 PM until drop off at school on Monday morning.

If you feel like doing the math yourself, realize California parenting time percentage is best calculated by using hours.

For example, there are 24 hours in a day, 160 in a week, 730.5 hours in a month and 8766 hours in a year.

By now you probably guessed overnight parenting time is very important and includes significant hours. Some people ask what about time the children are in school? The short answer is, “it depends.” Whether that time in school is calculated for the benefit of the parent who dropped off the child at school or the parent who picks up the child after school is sometimes a source of disagreement between lawyers and judges.

We rounded all of these numbers either up or down, to the nearest whole number so, for example, 13.15% = 13% and 18.90% = 19%. Thus, what we write below is not perfect math but, then again, if you are looking for perfect math, you may be way overthinking this.

Here we go:

  • Two weeks during the summer 4%
  • One weekend per month 7%
  • One evening per week 7%
  • One extended weekend per month 10%
  • Two weekends per month 13%
  • One weekend per month + one evening per week 14%
  • One overnight per week 14%
  • Alternate weekends 14%
  • First + third + alternate fifth weekends 14%
  • First + third + fifth weekends 15%
  • Alternate weekends + two weeks during summer 18%
  • Alternate weekends + half the holidays + two weeks during summer 19%
  • One extended weekend + one overnight per week 19%
  • Two extended weekends per month 20%
  • Alternate weekends + half the holidays + four summer weeks 21%
  • Alternate weekends + one evening per week 21%
  • First + third + alternate extended weekends 21%
  • Alternate extended weekends 21%
  • Alternate weekends + half the holidays + half the summer 22%
  • Alternate weekends + half the holidays + one month during summer 23%
  • First + third + fifth extended weekends 23%
  • Alternate weekends + half the holidays + one evening/week + four summer weeks 28%
  • Alternate extended weekends + one evening per week 28%
  • Alternate weekends + one evening/week when school in session + half the school vacation 28%
  • Alternate weekends + one overnight per week 28%
  • Alternate weekends + one overnight per week + half the holidays + one month during summer 29%
  • Alternate weekends + one evening per week + entire summer 30%
  • Alternate extended weekends + one overnight per week 36%
  • Alternate weekends + one overnight per week + entire summer 39%

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