Types of Fee Agreements Between a Lawyer and Client

Hourly rate, flat fee and other types of fee agreements

Types of Fee Agreements Between an Attorney and Client

Hiring a family law attorney does not have to be a confusing experience. The most experienced and knowledgeable family law attorneys who care about their prospective and actual clients take the time to explain their fee and billing structure. Our family law firm is a great example of that care and patience we take with every prospective client who comes to us for help. The patience and care never stops.

We wrote articles to help you better understand the difference between hourly rate versus flat fee agreements and also to better understand limited scope representation. We hope you take the time to read the articles because they will help educate you on the options you may have available to you for representation.

We hope you enjoy our pages on fee agreements and we welcome your feedback on anything you read within them. You may access them by navigating to the attorney’s fees link that you will find at the top of our website or simply click on the links below.