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If you are a member of the media and wish to interview us regarding a divorce or family law related subject, you may contact the firm's president, B. Robert Farzad. He may be reached at (714) 937-1193 or you may email Mr. Farzad directly. Mr. Farzad's profile is available through the link below.

Please also read our media inquiry guidelines below. 

B. Robert Farzad's profile
  1. All media inquries should be directed to the firm's president, B. Robert Farzad.
  2. The firm does not speak about existing family law cases the firm is currently handling.
  3. The firm will not under any circumstance provide information to the media that may be attorney-client privileged or attorney-work product on an existing or former client.

If you wish to interview Mr. Farzad and obtain his input or opinion on a case the firm is not handling or a matter of general and public interest related to divorce and family law, he will generally provide that at no cost. This includes interviews for radio, television, print or digital media.

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