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Father Obtains Custody of the Children and a Termination Date For Alimony

Our firm represented the father in a divorce. The spouses were married for approximately 13 years. Allegations flew back and froth between the spouses. They had two minor children. Mother claimed father was an unfit parent. Mother wanted primary custody of the children.

Case Results

Our client claimed mother was verbally abusive toward the children and a poor care provider. Father also claimed the mother’s new boyfriend had become a higher priority to mother than the children and that she was not caring for the children’s best interest as a result. Father claimed it was in the children’s best for him to have primary custody.

The spouses had a pretty standard estate. They owned a home and cars, there were bank and retirement accounts. Our client was the primary wage earner. The divorce case was initially litigated. We believed in our client’s allegations had evidence in support of it.

Ultimately, to our client’s satisfaction, the case settled. The parties agreed to joint legal custody but our client, the father, was awarded primary physical custody of the children. The estate was divided up fairly. Even though it was a long term marriage, we negotiated a future termination date of spousal support to cut off our client’s obligation to pay spousal support.

Not only did our client save many thousands of dollars in attorney fees by avoiding a trial but he got a result that we believe was just as good, if not better in some respects, than he could have received through the litigation process. This case is a good example of what an experienced family law litigator like Matt Sundly can achieve outside of the courtroom. Mr. Sundly is a skillful litigator and gets great courtroom results but he is also a talented negotiator who can avoid litigation and the fees associated with it and get a settlement that clients are very happy about.

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Father Obtains Custody of the Children and Spousal Support Termination Date


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Let me first say this…FINDING A GOOD FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY IS HARD,HARD AS HELL! I was lucky to run into this firm. My situation began a couple years ago when my bitter ex filed court documents against me for custody. I had no idea about court and even less regarding family law. I was in a panic. I interviewed the first attorney I saw on yelp with 5 stars and hired him. He was a horrible attorney. He had no argumentative skills and no strategy plan. This cycle continued. I kept hiring horrible attorneys. I tried everything. I would even go to the oc courts and sit in hearings to see what attorneys appeared to be decent. Nothing worked! I continued to hire horrible attorneys at expensive prices. One day, while surfing the Web for legal information I ran into farzad law.

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