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Husband Prevails in Divorce and Defeats Wife's False Domestic Violence Claims

Our family law firm represented Husband in a divorce case involving no children. Husband retained primarily to help defend him against an application for domestic violence restraining orders. Husband faced serious job security risk if a permanent restraining order were to issue against him.

Case Results

Through aggressive but professional litigation of Husband’s defense our attorneys were able to negotiate a settlement whereby Wife dismissed her application for a restraining order in exchange for an agreement by both parties to keep their communications in the future to a minimum (by email and phone only) and only as to their pending divorce case and management of their community property estate. We then proceeded to trial on the divorce case where Husband prevailed on every issue and received an order for Wife to pay for some of his attorneys fees because we were able to show the positions she took at trial were unsupportable by the law and were also unreasonable.

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Husband Prevails in Divorce and Defeats Wife's False Domestic Violence Claims


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Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Robert and his staff. I contacted Robert via email around 1:30am out of desperation and I received a phone call same day. I was immediately put at ease by speaking with Robert regarding my case. My ex-husband had filed for full custody of our daughter for the second time in five years. Needless to say, I was in a state of shock and disbelief and desperate for help. Robert and I met a few days later and after reviewing all of the information I had to disprove the allegations, he took on my case. Four months later, my ex-husband not only dropped his full custody suit, but settled out of court to modifications on my terms. Robert, being the knowledgeable and stellar attorney he is, compromised with opposing counsel and my ex-husband, and managed to get my ex to agree to $10,000 in contribution towards my attorney fees.

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