Divorce Lawyers for California Middle Class and Income Families

Wealth should not make the difference between good representation and being forced to represent yourself. So long as you are not unreasonable or have wild expectations that are not consistent with reality, you can afford to hire experienced Orange County divorce lawyers like Farzad Family Law.

Most middle class divorce cases involve a home, children, a household annual income of between $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 and a combination of a modest savings or checking account or 401(k). The challenge of middle class divorce cases is avoiding unnecessary lawyer’s fees and, to do that, you need good planning.

Here is how divorce lawyers, B. Robert Farzad and Matthew J. Sundly of Farzad Family Law handle such cases:

  1. We put together a plan of action, create a marital balance sheet and together determine what the most reasonable and likely outcome will be. So long as the case doesn’t involve complex custody issues or hidden assets, this can be done relatively quickly and toward the first 1 – 2 months of the case.
  2. Next comes a budget. How much can you afford to spend and how much would you likely spend? If you are the higher earner, we have to determine whether your spouse will likely ask for lawyer’s fees. If you are the lower earner, we have to talk about whether you should ask for lawyer’s fees from your spouse and how much.
  3. With your help, we complete all of your mandatory disclosures. This includes your schedule of assets and debts and your income and expense declaration. Orange County, like any California Family Court, will not allow a final settlement in a divorce case without each side completing, at a minimum, their preliminary declarations of disclosure. Final declaration of disclosures can be mutually waived by using the proper forms.
  4. We make a settlement offer to your spouse with your input, knowledge and consent. We make this offer consistent with what you and us agree the Court will likely do in your divorce case.
  5. We try and settle as many of the issues as we can so that, if the case proceeds to Family Court, only those issues that could not be resolved get there.
  6. Whatever issues cannot resolve get to Court quickly. There is no reason a middle class divorce case should be in Court for years.

Are you a middle income spouse with a house, cars, children and in need of advice from experienced and top divorce lawyers? We are here for you. Contact us for an affordable strategy session.