Family Law Attorney Profiles

This page is a directory of our family law attorneys. Please click on each attorney’s profile to learn much more about him or her.

B. Robert Farzad is the president of Farzad Family Law. He is an experienced and respected family law attorney. He handles more of the complex cases and brings the rare combination of courtroom and legal writing skills to the firm’s clients. You can read more about Mr. Farzad by visiting his profile page: Top Orange County Divorce Lawyer, B. Robert Farzad.

Matthew J. Sundly is a senior associate at the firm. He brings the perfect balance of knowledge, experience and a caring personality that resonates with husbands, wives, dads and moms who are about to embark on a difficult chapter in their life. Read Mr. Sundly’s profile here: Top Orange County Divorce Attorney, Matthew J. Sundly.

Yvette Ochoa in an associate at the firm and knew early on in her legal career that family law is all she wanted to do. She has gotten her wish and she has thrived as a lawyer. Clients love her because of her communication skills and attention to detail. Read about Ms. Ochoa’s attorney profile here: Family Law Attorney, Yvette Ochoa.

Ashley C. Sedaghat is an associate attorney at Farzad Family Law. She is an experienced attorney and brings a caring and patient approach to her handling of cases. To learn more about Ashley, please read her profile: Family Law Attorney, Ashley C. Sedaghat.

June Lee is an associate attorney at Farzad Family Law. To learn more about June Lee, visit her profile: Family Law Attorney, June Lee.