10 Ways Top Divorce Lawyers Win Custody Cases

Let us show you the 10 ways top divorce lawyers can help you win your child custody case.

We created this top 10 list to highlight some of the things top divorce lawyers will do to give you the best chance to prevail in child custody cases. While nobody has a crystal ball and no ethical lawyer would ever make you any guarantees, there are things that can be done that property present your facts, the law and your position to the court in the most persuasive way.

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Are the Best Orange County Divorce Lawyers Also the Most Expensive?

Are the best divorce lawyers also the most expensive?

Are the best divorce lawyers also the most expensive? Short answer, no. But keep reading…

This family law article is about a simple question – are the best Orange County divorce lawyers also the most expensive? I will eliminate the suspense and tell you now the answer is “no.” However, the reasons for that answer will help you understand what to look for when you search for the right Orange County divorce lawyer for your case. Hope you enjoy this article. – B. Robert Farzad

Who doesn’t want the best, right?

But what does that mean when you search for an Orange County divorce lawyer?

After all, the concept of “best” is subjective. One lawyer may thing he is the best. Another may believe she is. Does that make either of them right? [Read more…]