Divorcing a Narcissist Husband or Wife Without Sacrificing Your Rights – Part I

Divorcing a Narcissist Spouse

Divorcing a narcissist spouse
does not have to be a nightmare.
Read this informative article to learn why

You may be at your wit’s end divorcing a narcissistic spouse, husband or wife.

It is not easy. But look at it this way. You only have to deal with one while our Orange County divorce attorneys have the experience of dealing with plenty over the years that we have practiced family law.

Divorcing a narcissist spouse does not have to mean that you have to suffer through a miserable divorce or that you have to accept a result that is not consistent with the law. There are proper ways to deal with such spouses who are deceptive, have serious anger management issues and take out those issues on you and the children, or are intent on driving up your legal fees.

This is part one of a two-part article. In this article, we are going to discuss how to deal with divorcing a narcissist spouse if you are the lower-income earner.

Part II will be published later in the week. In Part II, we will look at divorcing a narcissist spouse from the perspective of the higher earner spouse.

Let’s talk about some of the things you can do during the divorce case with your family law attorney to reign your spouse in and get a fair result in court.

Divorcing a narcissist spouse who is the higher income earner

Divorcing a narcissist spouse who is the higher income earner means you are likely up against bullying and intimidation. This can be especially true if you have been a long time homemaker, stay at home mom or earn very little income. These tactics generally involve financial abuse and include the following:

1. Failing to provide complete responses to discovery: Discovery is the formal request for information and documents regarding the marital estate. This tactic forces you, as the lesser income earner, to file a request with the court to compel the information you need and therefore incur attorney fees that should be avoided.

2. Failing to pay support or delaying it: Failing to pay support or delaying it is a way to exert control. It comes in many forms and includes unlawful deductions from support that were not court ordered.

3. Hiding income and assets: Narcissistic spouses sometimes feel as though they money they have made during the marriage is theirs and everything that has come from it should be their separate property. That’s not the law. California community property law defines what is and is not community property and separate property but try to explain that to a spouse like this…it may be futile.

All of these are intimidation tactics. All of these tactics are designed to cause the maximum amount of stress and attorney fees so that the lesser earning spouse eventually gives in and takes less than what he or she may be entitled to from the community estate.

There’s a right way and a very wrong way to respond to such bullying tactics.

The wrong way and unfortunately the typical way by many spouses is to respond in kind, especially in high asset divorce cases – meet unreasonable and aggressive behavior with unreasonable and aggressive behavior. This “fight fire with fire” approach when divorcing a narcissist spouse may be one of the worst things you can do in a divorce case because you essentially lower yourself to the same standard implemented by your spouse and therefore cause the litigation to go longer than it should. You also lose credibility because when the Orange County family court law judge wants to make a decision, he or she frowns on your conduct as well as that of your spouse and both of you lose credibility in front of the court.

Being unreasonable, using counter intimidation tactics, using children as leverage in a divorce or taking unrealistic expectations into the process often does not get results. It just causes more unnecessary stress and aggravation.

Instead, you can combat the narcissistic spouse with a simple and systematic approach – use your narcissist spouse’s conduct against him or her.

When a narcissist spouse fails or refuses to cooperate in providing financial information, California law allows you to compel him or her to provide the information. These motions to compel as they are sometimes called alert the court of your spouse’s lack of cooperation and ask the court to make orders consistent with California liberal discovery laws. California law also gives the court the discretion to monetarily sanction the unreasonable spouse for the attorneys fees and costs of the spouse who was forced to bring a motion to compel. This can be a powerful deterrent because you will have turn the spouse’s uncooperative conduct against him or her by having him or her pay your fees if the judge agrees with your position

If your narcissist husband or wife fails to pay support that is lawfully due, you have many options available to you. While contempt proceedings (which can be criminal in nature and could cause the non-paying spouse to be sentenced to jail) are one option, others include a garnishment of wages, levying of bank accounts and even asking the court for security instruments to ensure the payment of ongoing support.

If you are the low earning spouse, you also have the option available to you of filing an attorney fee motion based on your need and your spouse’s ability to pay and/or based on Family Code section 271 which sanctions an unreasonable spouse.

Divorcing a narcissist spouse doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are steps you can take to keep your case on track and get a fair result. Contact us to discuss your case. We are here to help and offer an affordable initial strategy session for those with matters in Orange County, California. You can reach us at (714) 937-1193.

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Don’t forget to read Part II of divorcing a narcissist spouse.


  1. Lesa says

    This sounds like my husband. We have an S Corp together which he locked me out of April 3 but still continues to pay my weekly salary. I have temp orders on May 20th I live in Denver Colorado. I believe I have a good attorney but may the forces be with him on Monday dealing with my husband and all of his lies. He always says the biggest liar wins in court I pray he is so wrong.

  2. Cynthia says

    I completely disagree with the premise that it is possible to achieve a fair settlement in most cases, in most states. Narcissists, especially the cerebral variety, will stop at nothing to financially obliterate their spouse. The family court system is BROKEN and the lawyers and judges within that system are often as abusive as the narcissist. Bad behavior, I was told, means NOTHING to a JUDGE. After 3 1/2 years of litigation, 2 sets of attorneys, I feel as though I could have hired a goat to represent me and would have gotten better representation. I am 51, homeless and in debt, as a direct result of believing “the system” would protect me. But then, maybe it is just a Georgia thing or maybe it is because my XN happens to be…an attorney. My advice to anyone divorcing one of these disordered nightmares is to take the first offer and run. Sure wish I had.

    • says

      Hello Cynthia,

      Thank you for commenting. We are California lawyers so I can only comment on California law and what our experience has shown us here. I am sorry you have gone through such a tough time in Georgia and wish you the best.

      • Sandy says

        I have filed 1 year ago against a narcissistic sociopath. At $1K per month my attorney has done little…except be the conduit to the courtroom with 5 minute case conferences with the judge. One motion to compel discovery and my spouse still will not compel…his attorney now saying i have to subpoena his previously unknown to me bank records. REALLY? I thought this was part of discovery. I had everything in within 4 weeks , work FT and raise a special needs child. One year later I have to subpoena his hidden bank accounts? Oh…we should be debt free…but come to find out he has jacked up credit cards for his employer expenses, took the reimbursements but never paid the credit cards…which were concealed from me. I was flabbergasted at the debt revealed in discovery. Where is the cash from his reimbursements? No one cares because I happen to have a healthy retirement (worked for same employer 30 years, married 10) but all that compounded retirement (less premarital worth) is a 50-50 split in IL. The courts have allowed my husband’s delay in this divorce as it is a win win for him. MEanwhile he continues to spend money like there is no tomorrow and dating different women every night, AND he is still living in my premarital home! Judge won’t kick him out because it was “marital home”. so he comes and goes as pleases while we have an 11 year old boy he rarely sees and NEVER attends his sports events. I am completely responsible, along for our son’s education and welfare. Oh he does have to pay me family support since I have alwasy paid the house payment, and all household bills. why can’t he be forced to compel without my paying for it and delaying furhter the divorce. I just want this over but can’t come up with a settlement offer until full discovery. I was easy prey prior to our marriage…even took care of his elderly mom at the same time a newly adopted child which he now says was my agenda. The courts don’t care…that’s right. the judge doesn’t even know because it is not relevant. they only want to see how much I will have to pay him! Meanwhile I have to live with this person and his smug attitude of It doesn’t matter how much money I “pissed’ away, you still have all that retirement out there, :-/ “I have been through this once before remember? The courts don’t care” . Oh my husband knew what he was doing with me since he pursued me relentlessly and was flat broke when he came into my life. He fed off me like a leach for 17 years , yes even before our marraige but I took empahty on him for his failed businesses and now he wants to be “paid off”. Not to mention having created new debt since he walked away from the previous debt that I truly thought he would attempt to deal with. GRRRRRR I think divorce courts are shameful. We are real people here and the courts keep on enabling narcissistic sociopaths to seek out their next victims because they know the courts don’t care about bad behavior.

    • Nikki says

      I thought I was the only one. When I separated from my ex, I was granted through the courts the ability to return to my home state in Tennessee. My ex agreed, too.. I have been in a divorce since November 2011. My ex is a dentist, and I was a stay home mom. He and his female have tried to annihilate me. I went from being a full time mom, volunteering and raising my children to becoming homeless and in debt. I started with this man, and he didn’t have anything. He married me after purchasing a small office that he rented, that I completely assisted him in growing. We worked after Katrina to rebuild, and he now owns a state of the art dental office in the city. I have gone through two attorneys, an evaluation that he requested for no reason, and he filed to take domicile of our children who had been with me the last 3 years. I know this strategy was more about him holding on too his money. The evaluation stated children were better off with the mom, but circumstances changed when my blood pressures elevated. I was diagnosed with hypertension during my marriage, and a hearing officer gave this narcissistic ex of mine domicile, when my doctor ask me not to travel for a hearing. I had. valid doctor statement, an attorney who should have been present, and I even forwarded the doctors letter to the courts. My blood pressure was 170/100 and my attorney advised me to get their unless I was dying.( I have glaucoma, too.) No one displayed any concern for my health. They reversed domicile. The children and I were devastated. My attorney then withdrew. My narcissistic ex didn’t stop their, he wanted the house sold that the children and I were living in. I stand here today homeless and in debt at the age of 46. I feel like Job. I had no way of fighting him, and he knew that. He pushed me in a corner, with motion after motions that he filed, while using our children as a tool. He filed to take domicile in the same year that he agreed that the children should be with me. His words to the hearing officer still resonates with me today. He asked them could they force me to move back to Louisiana. I feel as if I’m in a dream and maybe I will wake up. My ex-husband has used ever unethical tactic he could. Who was I really married too?

      • S Smith says

        Nikki, I am so sorry to read about your nightmare. I am only beginning mine. There are resources out there, which I am sure you have gone through. Though I have little words of support advice to give, I was wondering if you ever heard of onemomsbattle.com? She has a very active support group on Facebook: One Mom’s Battle. Again, I am so sorry to read about your pains. I wish you the best of luck. Stay strong! xo

        • Nikki says

          Thanks S. Smith for taking the time to read about my battle. I know that you are just starting your divorce proceedings,, but I must share with you how my faith in God has allowed
          me to withstand the storm that I have endured. Thank you, and I know that you will get through your battle too. Pleaae stay optimistic because trials do come to make us stronger.

        • redbone says

          Alot of men feel that a women is beneath them it gets worse when there forigners its the way they are raised sad but true many cases…

    • Marry says

      I Have had a judgment since 2004 and still in family court after 10 years . on food stamps and scared of my ex hurting my family members for helping me continue with my case. I have money judgment thats over a million and businesses that was never tured over to me. now i have to go back for a new trial . this court system is broken and there is no help for people like me. No money, food stamps and a paper thats called a judgment. Law is not about justice its all bull shit.

    • Lee says

      Totally agree with Marry’s comments- in California my ex-husband; an attorney, kept it going for 16 years- filing motions to delay divorce by keeping child custody issues in front of court. 2 separate child custody evaluators for 3 years each. He never paid the court ordered judgement for separation of assets. – court would not enforce- just kept telling him to pay, but then he would start a child custody issue again to distract from payment. He spent the QDRO funds, court did nothing about it. The court actually granted him the right to have yet another deposition of me, my mother and my husband AFTER THE CHILD WAS 18, but not yet out of high school. I went bankrupt, and lost jobs because he papered my employer for request to produce documents. I had to travel 7 hours to Orange county for each hearing- which almost always got continued. If he had stalked me on the phone or physically the court would have stopped him, but he used the court to financially abuse me. The court, lawyers and child psychologists, who all profit from these kinds of tactics were happy to play along for 16 YEARS. The result is, I absolutely hate the legal system, refuse to serve on a jury and actually have come to distrust the United States as a free country with rights. The family law system is more corrupt than any 3 world country and commits human rights violations every day. Shameful. Take the first offer to break free and never look back. That is my best advice.

    • danny says

      Hi kathy,
      Here in Pennsylvania it is exactly the same…four years an 200,000 I am still trying to rid myself of the narcissist. She uses the court to destroy me completely.the courts don’t care it keeps them in business and employed ..you are not alone…God bless you…

  3. Kathy says

    Enjoyed reading the article. It’s nice to know there is a lawyer out there who understands these people. My ex spent the last year of our 20-year marriage setting up holding companies, and getting our assets out of his name. After that, he decided to tell me he didn’t want to be my husband any more. I was a stay at home mom. I had no income. We had two kids in their teens. He wanted to stay together and sleep in seperate rooms while he continued his relationship with a stripper. Needless to say, I immediately told him to leave and filed for divorce withing a few days. That was Jan 2009. Four years later, I’m still living the nightmare. He stopped paying my property settlement, took me to court to have the settlement revised. He didn’t succeed, but I had to pay the legal costs. He still refuses to pay me. He also refused to have me released as a guarantor on his business debts (per the divorce decree). He defaulted on two bank loans, and today I find myself in the middle of a Chapter 11 because his bank has sued me for over $6mil. I don’t have that kind of money or assets worth that. I’m just trying to hang on to what I do have. When I asked my attorney about taking him back to court, she told me the divorce decree wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. She told me I could spend the money (which I didn’t have) to get a judgement against him, but I wouldn’t be able to collect it. I live in Nevada, and I he moved to California. The bank sued him as well, and he has a judgement against him, but he continues to live the same lifestyle. Having a minor to cintinue raising is the only thing that keeps me going. I’m living in a state of disbelief? I have no faith in our justice system.

  4. Mitzy says

    Agreed. These folks are all about WINNING, with no concern or ability to see what they have lost. The only thing they want is money, your and theirs to continue to FIGHT.

    I have had signed by spouse notes regarding selling things, (with his signed note) keeping a phone (he threw at me and then I made him sign a note giving it back rather than trust his words) guns (many of which I have a signed not from him telling me he only wants two and it is ok to sell the rest early in the seperation (now he is asking for five at mediation) and that is just the tip of the iceberg. I spoke to this at the TIME, no attorney claims I didn’t. So yep he got the guns (what if I had sold them?)
    I got a good settlement (if he doesn’t retract in some legal manuvering) as it is not totally final yet, an attorney that is lazy, I am being constantly threaten behind the scenes to pay his bills (his rent and utilities where he moved to when he left or he is going to cause me more legal bills).

    My attorney is NOT willing to address any of his thumbing his nose at the court in an effective manner, as he gets more money to ALLOW him to harrass me, and then I have to “consult” with my attorney AGAIN, on what I can do about any of this. Attorney makes “third grade mistakes so I will have to call and point this out, and he charges me for those calls. This is simple stuff like putting HE (ex) where it should say she (me) .
    I ask for NO contact except through attorneys, and about to be ex sends his veiled threats through our adult children. he uses me to make him copies and actually expects me (the non service person) to provide him with an updated dd214.
    No one expects anything of ex, cause I got a “big” settlement, which I see the loopholes in. I point this out to attorney and next time I talk to him he acts like this (which is just like the ex) , “you should have said something sooner, which I DID.
    I call ex to “get it straight” and he harrasses me more with threats, cussing, and intimadation. I call attorney and he blames “their side” for the delays. Ex threatens to call off the whole deal due to delays, and so I am back to harrassing my attorney to get me final orders to review, so we can move forward and not risk me losing the whole deal.
    He ex lies in court, which can be proven (again, with signed notes from him) and HE gets awarded money. The lawyers love this as they are draining BOTH our legal defense accounts and in truth offering us both NO protection, from THEM.
    Everyone is playing both ends against the middle, and I just want done, as if this keeps up (and we have been through mediation and reached a settlement just final wording stage now) I will have been awarded nothing but all the marital debts to deal with AND (not awarded, but I don’t dare not pay them and attorney advised I do to “look good”, WHAT?) ex’s expenses at his apt. to include FOOD, or he claims I am starving him out. I doubt I will ever see any of that money again.
    Ex got the most aggressive attorney in town but he is saving fees making ME do all the work (just like in the marriage). Oh, I was a thrity five year stay at home mom, with no way (and clearly not the time right now) to seek any employment that will allow me to deal with all this financial harrassment.
    Also all the marital debt for the last 20 years went on ccard in my name, that spouse constantly said we would pay off at retirement, NOT…so I have ALREADY gotten the financal abuse and shaft as all of those debts went to me in the divorice…. Meantime the CLOSED and very old accounts HE got, plus his truck have just about been paid off in the time it has taken to get this done.
    Yes, he is CLEARLY abusing me behind the scenes and IN court, and nothing is being done, I will be in an awful state if this goes on much longer.

      • says

        What gave you a feeling of hopelessness? Recognizing who you are divorcing is empowering. Put on your logical, businesslike hat, get an experienced and smart divorce lawyer and don’t let your spouse’s nonsense affect good decision making. Divorce isn’t a walk in the park. It requires courage and the will to do the right thing, even through adversity.

  5. Kate says

    This site is so damn helpful! I wish I could gather all of these ladies into a room so we could cry on each other’s shoulders. I too am in Colorado and have tried twice to divorce a very emotionally abusive, narcissistic attorney. My last lawyer ran out the clock and drained my finances without doing anything for me. He charged enormous amounts for I am not sure what, switched firms in mid stream, and gave my husband everything he wanted because they are members of the same club. So I am still married, living in extreme poverty with my kids, and my husband comes over for sex when he feels like it, and even if I say no he forces it on me. While I am still paying on the debt for the divorce that never happened. I have started a small business to get some cash flow, but it’s tough with little kids to care for. Meanwhile, the husband pretends to the world that he is a great guy, and loves to tell me I “drove him to the poorhouse” when in reality he hardly supported me ever, and I had to return to work two weeks postpartum after having our children just to pay my bills–while he spent 70k on a land for himself in another state that I have never even seen… in our 12 years of marriage. Thank you Mr. Farzad for at least letting us have a place to know we are not alone. Lawyer’s wives have no rights in America, fyi. As a friend who has been through it told me, “If nobody ever married one, nobody would ever have to divorce one.”

  6. Lucia says

    Almost two years ago, I began a process of divorce with my narc. husband. I don’t need to say that I suffered emotional abuse, I was betrayed, I had the police at my house because he wanted to put me out of the house, etc, etc. We all already know that story. But even with fear of an uncertain future, I hired a super lawyer in my city (Miami). I’m not from this country, but I am American citizen, I still have difficulties with the English, and had not a penny in our joint account. The only bank account I had in this country. My family sent me money from my country and I hired a great lawyer. My lawyer and my current husband’s lawyer indicated us a Collaborative process. My lawyer also indicated a psychologist to try working on a rapprochement of the parties so that we could reach an agreement. The two lawyers came to the conclusion that we should have a neutral accountant, since my current husband has business and I did not know anything at all. Our marriage lasted 10 years when we was made ​​more money in his business. Naively, I believed that I would put even trust my current husband. I still did not know he is narcissistic. Was the psychologist who gave me this “tip” even though she was neutral.
    It was when I started reading all about this problem and started instructing me to become stronger. Wisdom is a weapon and I needed to know how he would act to protect me even before he tries to intimidate me.
    During a year of collaborative process, my current husband didn’t accepted an accountant. and 4In the last 4 months of our collaborative process, he did not answer more to his own lawyer nor a psychologist. The only person who could maintain contact with him. I stayed in our house. He decided to move out. He pays the mortgage, my health insurance and the car insurance that I use. During all these years of marriage, I worked earning extra money. Very little so I can not survive. The first offer that my current husband did for me was give me $ 10.00 (exactly: Ten U.S. dollars) and 20% of the business, he says there’s no profit in the last few years.
    I started working two part times jobs and have managed to keep me through this period. We have no children, thank God!
    So, my lawyer advised me to enter in the litigate. I had already spent $ 10,000 for nothing. In fact,. my lawyer told me he did not want me to spend more money with him and then go to a litigation. Actually, I owe $ 4,000 to him, and he told me to take this money and use it to pay the new attorney. I still owe him and he knows that one day I’ll pay it. My lawyer introduced me to another super lawyer and once again, my family sent me money.
    Now, this Thursday, October 2nd, my attorney got a hearing with the judge, it would be only in December. It is a case management conference. My lawyer did one deposition in my current husband, put a motion of compel against him, in addition a relief motion. She wants him to start helping me, not only with a temporary allimony but also with the expense of lawyers and cout fees. I already spent $ 40,000 with her. My current husband failed in discovery, failed when he filled the interrogation and lied in relation to his affidavit. In the deposition I found out he has a new business for 5 years. My lawyer also believes he lied to the IRS. I’ve also discovered another account he has with friends who wasn’t quoted in the interrogation.
    My lawyer wants the payment of a forensic accountant to come from the marital founds.
    She does not believe I can get a fair settlement if I do not know everything. And she does not want me to bring more money from my country.
    I do not know what to expect from this audience with the judge this week. But I do not want to believe that there is no justice in this country that says is very democratic and fair to all citizens. But the truth is that if I had not family who could help me, even being in another country, I could not have done anything. More than two years I’m suffering financial abuse. And until today I’m traped in the system.
    I know my lawyer is very good, but I’m also doing my job. I’m keeping everything very organized, I read everything (also I bought two books about this subject) about what I should or I should not do, how to behave in a case like this, I made a journal about my married life (my lawyer read everything), and sought all documents that can prove things in my favor.
    I imagine that my lawyer is doing a good job and I know she is well experienced. And when she needs to give me bad news, she does. I like that.
    The problem is that I discovered that the system allows people like my current husband has advantages even not working well. He does not like to spend money but he did not realize that he is spending as much as I do.
    Somehow, I found good lawyers who seens to be honest, but do not know about the judge. I read things about him. but do not know if they are truths.
    The other party placed a motion against me forcing me to go to mediation. This motion was placed 3 days before my lawyer talked to the judge and ask him this conference in October 2nd. As she get this audience, I imagine that the judge did not consider this motion.
    But I do not know what to expect this week. We’ll see.

  7. Ann says

    You ladies are all empowering for me. I pray for you all as I read your posts. I’m sorry you all had to go thru this as I’m in this journey of separation. Great attorney in GA gave me some great advice to put something away before it all gets started with him trying to make you homeless. Never thought he would try. Took OUR $$$ to another country. I got a lot of wonderful therapy thru it all to keep me in a good place. This can drive you nuts if you let it. I choose to keep loving. Eventually, I’m going to crest a place of refuge where women can stay who are going thru this and I will call on some of the ones who’ve been there (You) to help. Out of our need do we see what needs to be in place for us to really make our bitter experiences better and realize that no matter what…. We are loved and life goes on.

  8. Ms. Brown says

    I am married to a Narcissistic bully !!! he is 62 years old, drives two Bentleys and now has a 25 year old GF…younger then his ( our) daughter.
    We have been in business for 28 years, I have always allowed him to call the shots and handle all the money…Big mistake. Here I am now renting, working for him splitting the profits from my business that I was awarded in the divorce and living check to check. I have so many ways of going after him but at what cost ? I can’t afford attorneys, my sister is an attorney in Utah and can do a Pro had viche ?? and represent me here in California, working under a law firm here in L.A.

    She knows my entire history with this man and knows that I have been just complying with what ever it is he wants because I don’t want to be homeless, he owes me spousal support, 20 % profit from the business we built together and I am getting nothing !!!! we used one attorney to draw up the papers after 25 years, I believe his attorney is bias, he has done work for me but also represents him and advises him behind my back, I am sure….

    I wish I could find a law firm that would work with me and my sister on getting this Bas*^$d !! why do they always get away with it ? I am 51 years old and so frightened that I will have nothing for my future or retirement unless I do something now. Anyone out there that can help or suggest advice on how to collect on my divorce decree ? I appreciate it !!! Good luck out there in divorce land, its not a fun thing to have to settle.


    • B. Robert Farzad says

      I do know of a lawyer in LA who handles collection related matters to family law judgments. If you wish to get that referral, you can call me. I am in trial all of this week but you can call next week. Refer to this comment when you call so it reminds me of who you are.

  9. Susanna says

    You have described my husband’s conduct to a “T.” And I have been doing exactly what you recommend – as Pro Per (I’m an ex-litigator). The problem in Yolo County is that my judge (a woman) doesn’t give a s**t about dirty tricks, intimidation, non-disclosure or even blatant PERJURY if it’s directed at a non-working wife/Pro Per. I am not exaggerating when I say “doesn’t care.” Literally gets angry at the suggestion and will not hear or read a word about it. In my nearly 20 years as a civil litigator (not family law), I have never seen a more openly biased or bullying judge. I am told the only other Family Court judge in Yolo (also a woman) is even worse. I was literally bullied into settling, even with a financial disclosure RFO pending (with a LONG list of non-disclosed information and documents). Luckily, my husband was sufficiently worried about the prospect of disclosure that he settled somewhat reasonably, although I know support would be higher if he’d disclosed all of his assets and income.

  10. Linda of Northern Cali says

    Dear Mr. Farzad,

    thank you so much for this article. I have read many articles about divorce and everything related to mine over the last several years, but today, by the grace of God I found this article that you wrote. I have to go back to court tomorrow to deal with my narcopath ex-husband and his narcissistic lawyer regarding my spousal support. So much to tell, but I’m sure you’ve heard just about everything throughout the course of your career. I just want you to know that I have always found your articles helpful. I appreciate your kindness, commitment and devotion to helping people like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times over. You have lifted my spirit and given me the courage I needed to face my fears and not give up. God bless!

  11. Amina says

    Thank you Robert, i am glad there is an attorney who understands what its like to divorce a narcissist. I am currently separated(not legally) with my husband, during our marriage iwas financially and physically abused, my husband earns 10,000 dollars a month, we never had a joint account with my ex husband, i wasnt working and he used to deposit a 1000 dollars to my personal account which i was using to run the household,i was paying all bills. This made it hard to save. My husband had this habit of having everything his way,and i mean everything including what curtains i can put up or bedsheets i can buy. My financial abuse got worse after we separated, he used silent treatment on me for 8 months, he refused to support me the way he should, i reached a point where i had to borrow from friends. he withheld my alimony one time to pressure me to accept his divorce terms, we have about 800,000 dollars in savings but i cant even access a penny of this money. he knows i dont have the money to fight him in court, and this is where my abuse will get worse. divorcing a narccisst is by the far the worst thing you can ever attempt. What is keeping me alive is my faith,family and friends,therapy.

    i have a lawyer and going to forward your article to her, very people understand the narcissist personality.

    • B. Robert Farzad says

      Thank you for the kind words Amina and I wish you the best. Stay strong and focused. Don’t let his his emotional baggage become your distraction.

  12. marie says

    Hi.. Here is the situation. SIster at home mom for 14 years. Husband is a liar about everything. ..if its raining outside he will say its not. He states everything is his she owns nothing. She no longer has passwords to accounts, he has set up his own personal account that she has no access to, there house is for sale to and she is afraid he is going to transfer all the money in his account. She has not divorced him yet in fear of what he will do, what he will break, fear for the children, fear of him doing anything he can to ruin her life. He is 100percent a bully, obsessed with money, and forsure a narcissistic person. We maybe contacting you very soon.

    • Nikki says


      I have gone through a similar tsunami. I don’t know about you, but it hard to believe that so much manipulation goes on in the process of divorcing a narcissistic person. You have to find a coping mechanism to get you through this awful time or you will literally suffocate your self thinking about all the mistreatment you’ve encounter. My coping strategy has been reading biblical scriptues. I hold on daily, because I know in the end. I shall be victorious. Just remember “What goes around will come back around.” I am wishing you well throughout your struggle. Take care


  13. Janis says

    That is my ex. The tactics and lies he used and continues to use are beyond my comprehension…and he gets away with it. We were married 30 years. He is a professional. He now owns our LLC (as property)and is self employed Corp.
    I own nothing; no retirement, no insurance, no car and he ‘allows’ me $900 month to live……..sometimes. Last check bounced and he has not sent Jan support.
    It’s too late for me.

    • Janis says

      The abuse goes on even after divorce. My ex and the legal system made me give up. The attorneys had me go to a Vocational Evaluator. I was eager to go. She sent the judge a letter stating I was cooperative, but badly in need of medical help before she could even evaluate me. She refunded the money she charged on the condition it was given to me to seek medical help. My ex refused, my attorney took it.
      On my own, I found help from the county and was diagnosed with a bad case of PTSD from my 30 year abusive marriage.
      My attorney, I learned, was a patient of my brother-n-Laws. He ‘switched’ sides and I was easily manipulated and threatened to sign a divorce agreement I never wrote or agreed to. It was all lies, including saying I was not on any medication when I signed (I was on anti depressants, anti anxiety, hypnotics, sedatives and even anti psychotics). My attorney knew this but told me if I wanted a divorce I had no choice but to sign. I was not allowed to use the bathroom or have a drink of water the entire 3 hours I was there. My ex paid him $10,000. I told my attorney not to submit the settlement to the court and 3 days later he did. I could not find another attorney who could help me because they all said “I signed it” and I had no money.
      My ex is still in control. I wish I had read this article and knew about this law firm when I filed for divorce. My entire life has been destroyed by my ex.

      • Amina says

        Janis, sorry to hear this. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. Have you called Robert to ask for legal advise?can the process can be reversed.Either way i suggest you forgive your self and your ex .I know its not easy…and appreciate the fact that your now free..sometimes your peace of mind is worth more than amything..is it possible for you to invest from what you got from your divorce settlement? Am also going through divorce…i live in a developing nation where men always get to win …do i think my divprce settlement will be fair nope. But i intent to proper. Have courage..your life is not destroye…you have been given another chance to live as you please. Lol i am definately appreciating my free life.

      • Susanna says

        So many typos — sorry! Robert, I hope you’ll publish this version and delete above:

        Oh Janis, your situation is spookily similar to mine, only worse!

        I, too, was diagnosed with PTSD as a result of my 20-year abusive marriage– after only 20 minutes sitting with my husband in front of a court-appointed psychologist, who was meeting with us to evaluate a child custody issue.

        My husband spent thousands of dollars having a court order me to undergo a vocational evaluation, and thousands more on the evaluation itself. The evaluation was supposed to be neutral (we chose the professional by agreement). She issued a report saying I had many medical and neuro-cognitive issues basically obstructing me from holding a professional-level position, and that she couldn’t complete the report until some new medical issues were managed. But my husband’s attorney somehow got to her. Even though she and I had a good working relationship and she had been very kind throughout the process, she sent the report ONLY to him, stopped responding to my inquiries, and led my attorney and me to believe the report had never been written. I only found out about it a few days before we were supposed to go to trial.

        We ended up settling in a court-ordered settlement conference which should never have happened. I had a motion pending to make my husband complete his financial disclosure (he was hiding income, accounts, loans…) and the law is crystal clear you can’t settle without that. The conference was right after a hearing about this motion, and I was a sobbing emotional wreck — and unrepresented (“pro per”). The judge had been bullying and berating me at every court hearing, and the attorney who supervised the settlement conference lied to me about what I might obtain at trial, refused to transmit many of my counter-proposals, threatened to quit if I didn’t accept their terms, and kept saying we had to finish right away, or the judge (who she knew terrified me) would take over.

        My husband (who I put through college and medical school) got off EASY and is laughing all the way to the bank. I will say that I didn’t do TOO badly in the settlement conference (I’m a former attorney, and had at least a teeny bit of composure throughout), but I am under water in debt, waiting for him to sell and give me my share of equity from OUR house (which he lives in for practically nothing, and I believe he’s not planning to sell). Did I mention he refused to let me have anything from inside the house, including all the furniture?

        I wouldn’t sign off on the form of judgment that his attorney prepared, because it was full of lies. The judge MAY have woken up, because she’s been sitting on it. So we’re still not done. Husband’s attorney is apparently not done squeezing him for money. Filed a completely needless motion to have the judgment entered — and asking that I pay him $4,000 in sanctions for “obstructing” settlement. The law is so clearly on my side this time that I don’t care what happens. Luckily, the Court of Appeals isn’t made up of Family Court judges or characters from Alice in Wonderland. Believe it or not, the rest of the judicial system functions pretty fairly. So either I win now, or appeal and win.

        But Janis, your situation is as bad as mine… tripled. Please go to Legal Aid and get your husband back into court. If you’re in California, you have a lot of rights, even post-judgment. Your husband will likely be required to pay most, if not all, of your attorney fees — and to give you money up front to retain a new attorney.

        GOOD LUCK!!!! And to everyone in this community: Don’t let the ba***ards beat you! You have the power — you just have to find it.


        p.s. I am considering writing an article to submit to the State Bar and/or Commission on Judicial Performance (or a book) about the overwhelming dysfunction of the Family Court system. Kafka and Serling couldn’t come up with this stuff, even if they collaborated.

        • Janis says

          We could have been married to the same guy!
          I supported my ex through med school. I was an RN.
          You are very lucky to know enough not to sign. I had been abused for so many years, I didn’t think I had the right to say ‘no’. I was so frightened I would have, and did, sign anything I was told to sign.
          To Amina….I got NO settlement. I have NO money.
          My ex liquidated all our assets after I served him with papers. He even took the kid’s college funds. I have no retirement at all. No health insurance, no car and, yes Susanna, he took ALL the furniture including my birth certificate, my father’s death certificate all the towels, dishes, glasses, pots and pans, sheets, everything. He had taken my car and I had no money so I had to leave the house with nothing.
          Our home was appraised at 1 million….but he had taken the equity and we had to short sale for $850.
          He told everyone it was my fault because I spent all our money on myself! They didn’t believe I had NO credit cards, no shared bank accounts, no savings account. We lived in an affluent area. How could I spend money? I had no access to it.
          We had a Forensic Evaluator who stated my ex made more money then he admitted in discovery. A quote from his report “Assets were changed to debts with a stroke of the accountant’s pen” My attorney said the report would not be accepted as evidence unless I paid $1500 for the Forensic Accountant to appear as a witness. The fact is, the report was already accepted as evidence without foundation. I wasn’t told.
          He refused you go to trial saying the judge would rule against me because I had no proof of income. My ex never did Discovery. I didn’t know he had to. I was told I had to pay people to get it for me.
          I weighed 89 lbs by the time I filed for divorce. I am 5’6″. My ex gave me no money for food or household expenses. He called me a thief when he caught me eating half a bagel he had brought home. I did not have his permission t eat it.
          I m now waiting for my January support. It is obviously late. I can’t afford to file court papers and have no way to get to the court to even file them. It is a totally different life I now live. My support is $900 month ad I live in Calif! Who can live on $900 month? My ex is still practicing and owns real estate.
          My ex would gladly spend thousands of dollars to prevent me from getting even $5.
          You keep fighting until you get what you want….or at least need.
          Write that article! The State Bar needs to remove their rose colored glasses and see the truth. When I told them some of what I had gone through they didn’t believe me. They said “Why would an attorney act like that?” I had no answer accept to say “He did”.
          Take care

  14. Janis says

    Susanna…..spooky is right.
    Amina, I never got a settlement. I’m 62 and don’t even have any retirement money. My ex liquidated it after I served him papers.
    Like Susanna, I put my ex through med school. I was an RN.
    My ex got everything….my furniture, our furniture, my dishes, towels, pots and pans, silverware, car….even my birth cert and my dad’s death cert! He had already taken all the equity out of our house and though appraised at 1 million it short sold at $850.
    Susanna, you are lucky you were at least able to stand up and refuse to sign. I had been abused for so long I didn’t know I had the right to refuse. The settlement was exactly like yours! I was frightened and couldn’t think. Refused to add any of my proposals, said he was not going to go to trial and represent me, said the forensic accountant’s document would not be admitted as evidence although it actually was already accepted as evidence (it stated my ex was hiding money and my ex’s accountant ‘changed assets to debts with the stroke of a pen’), said the judge would rule against me. I was ignored and accused of wasting the court’s time and using my PTSD to get more money. The list goes on and on. Everything was full of lies.
    My ex was and is more then willing to spend thousands of dollars in order to prevent me from getting $5. It’s worth it to him.
    Right now I am still waiting for January support, $900. I live in Calif. How do you survive on $900? My ex is still practicing and owns the LLC.
    My life is a nightmare that my ex still controls.
    Thank you for sharing with me. It is unbelievable someone else actually knows what I went through….but still has a fighting chance. Go for it!
    PS. the State Bar needs to take off the rose colored glasses and take a hard look at reality. ‘Unbiased’ my foot!

  15. katie says

    Are there any narcissistic wife divorce stories out there? Our son married a narcissistic woman who I guessed from the beginning was mentally unstable, and was married twice before him. She’s treated him like a door mat for over 13 years and she recently walked out on him for a boyfriend and just filed for divorce claiming he is a danger to their 2 children along with other untruths about abusive behavior. Even with that stated she wants him to have the children when she works part-time every other weekend. He loves his children, is a great dad, has put up with her behavior and has always done more than his share around the home while she’s been a neglectful wife and has little regard for anyone but her own selfish interests. This woman really has shown her true colors with this attack via the divorce filing so we hope that there will be a fair and just outcome. I’m afraid our grandchildren will be the losers in this mess and we’re so sorry they have to live with this kind of a mother. The other sad thing is that everyone told him not to marry her and now he’s paying the consequences for his BIG mistake!

    • B. Robert Farzad says

      Sure. In fact, we have written about this subject. Narcissism isn’t limited to a gender. We regularly see it with both.

  16. Susan says

    Mr. Farzad,

    Your information and articles have been invaluable as I have been dealing with a Narcissistic husband who is also a licensed attorney in the state of California and Michigan. He filed for divorce in September, shortly after our 15th anniversary. I have not read all of the entries; but believe you have a great handle on the personality disorder, as well as the law and could write a great book that would help many people. Thanks again~

  17. ElkinsLawherewecome says

    My fifth year of “divorce abuse” is very similar to all of your discussions. My STBX is also a CA M.D. that has tried to manipulate the system by not paying court order support, falsifying his FL-150’s, and successfully dodging the Department of Child Services actions when they “suspended” his medical license and tried to “sweep” his bank accounts. I think my 3rd attorney and forensic will be able to finally shed light on my STBX’s deceitful way. Taking my STBX back to court for fraud and perjury in a month, after he falsified his financials submitted to the Judge to get his medical license off suspension. My STBX has no conscious and will do anything to WIN and many attorney’s enable their ways. My strength is my love for our kids and their future, and being the book keeper for my husband’s practice for the 5 years prior to divorce due to him getting us constantly in debt…..also, my MBA does not hurt, either. I have three complete years of financial records that all the forensic accountants loved…….still, my husband refused to pay the appropriate support and began “acting out” to control his self induced destruction. HIS ISSUES are his not mine or the kids. California’s Family Law Judges can not make people mature or grow up……..however, we can stand up and demand our rights be enforced.

    My solution is to have the attorney’s rated like a bond. Ratings for their financial strength ( for the ability to carry a client in a high net worth divorce to trial – my 2nd attorney filed bankruptcy 5 most. after the Judge’s ruling of “no fees” until trial). Also, ratings of how they negotiate settlements that force performance of spouses, and how they incorporate children rights in custody issues.

  18. Jack says

    My narsassisic wife of over 15 years used every tactic her crazy lawyer and parents could. First, she moved her parents into my house without asking me since i put her name on the deed she said she could. Then she started taking my kids to a pychologist behind my back. She never worked during our marriage. Then whenever i had off work she and her parents would take my kids away all day so i could not be with them. She left for about a month to her parents with the kids and dog over summer break. She told the kids in front of me that thet were not allowed to email me, text me, or talk on phone without her consent. On top of it all her dad was recording arguements my wife and i had over the whole situation. Her lawyer admitted they had a private eye watching me for over 8 months!! Well i finally had enough and offered her a settlement but of course she turned it down even though i have evidence she went on vacation with her lawyer before we even legally separated, i lasted 4 months with this before i moved out. Now 70k is gone to lawyers and we have been legally separated for 5 months, i only get to see kids a couple hours a week. They still are not allowed to call me she says. On top of it all her lawyer says he still has a pi on me. Trust me i am not wealthy either. Good part is she loses in court every time so hopefully she gives up soon. Judge ordered house to be sold, which is great. Her parents just bought a house here so she can now go live with them!!!

  19. Janis says

    March 11 and I still have not received January support….. or February or March.
    From a 1 million dollar home…..to a studio apartment, I was evicted for nonpayment March 1 and I now live in a garage.
    I am in awe of the length of time a narcissistic ex spouse is able stay so angry he feels compelled to continue punishing, abusing and fighting to keep his control over me. It must consume a lot of his time, better used to get on with his life.
    Are narcissistic people more stubborn then normal people? Are they unable to let go of their anger and need to control?

  20. debra says

    I have been researching divorce law, cases etc. for nine years now after my marriage of 20+ years of which I was a homemaker buy mutual consent if we were financial able to do so. We were poor & did not even own a couch when we were married, however my ex worked for his family who are extremely wealthy. When they sold their business to Kraft my husband did not have a clue what he was going to do as he expected to run the company eventually.
    Before we were married I had a career as a music editor for Columbia Pictures & loved my job, however found myself pregnant after year one. His family still owned the business so our financial future seemed assured. We are both college graduates & when his parents sold & retired the only career my ex thought to pursue was to open a hot dog stand at the local home depot. My reaction was “are you crazy?” We had a friend who was a successful stockbroker & my ex being an extreme extrovert we decided that this was a good fit for him. I went back to work when our son was 2 while he studied for the tests required and got on his feet which took about a year. To get to the point which is difficult due to being so niave to verbal & financial abuse compared to physical abuse which slaps you in the face & quickly you know what you are dealing with.

    After 20 years of verbal & financial abuse where I was a soccer mom living in a cave in a half a million dollar home with a man who said on our wedding night he did not believe in divorce, marriage was for beetter or worse & who said he loved me everyday I went from an extremely self confident, happy, healthy woman & mother eventually after being called names in front of my children for 15 years the stress started to take its toll on me leaving me depressed, confused, feeling like I was loosing my mind all the while thinking I had failed because I was now experiencing debilitating back, neck, headaches so severe I woke up one morning thinking I had a stiff neck, but after a week needed emergency bone fusion surgery to have a possible pain free life. My ex turned on me as I could no longer go to all the charity events, vacations, sporting events he lived for & said I had become mentally ill. I had protected my son from his outbursts and solution to all my sons problems which were not really excessive or bad & “kicking his butt” would right it all. I had the strength to never allow that to happen. Firstly because I was from a loving nurturing home where physical violence was foreign to me and second becuase he just didn’t deserve that.

    Anyway, he started unknown to me making his plans at least three years before filling for divorce after we got back from a trip with the kids over christmas skiing. He already had a nice place to go live, closed all joint accounts & actually closed all joint credit cards in the year prior. When he left that morning..said I would get $175.00 a week for the children & I for food & essentials & he would pay all the bills in our guard gated home in Florida. Suddenly a few months later I was served with divorce papers with no financial means to hire an attorney despite the fact that he took all our assets, brokerage accounts & made sure to hire a very good local attorney. His response was that I could share his attorney, but that we were going to mediation to settle the divorce in a week.

    I didn’t know anything about our financial nor did I even look at the joint tax returns I signed for 20 years, but had at least the sense to know that something was amiss. At the time he worked for Smith Barney..owned by citigroup which have banks in every county of the world so our assets fell off the face of the earth. I actually discovered in our brokerage account notebook that I had never looked at a peice of paper with our name, addresss and a large three figure $ noted with “Offshore buildng committee”. It dosen’t take a rocket scientists to figure that out, but I have no family to help me & only obtained an attorney by using $2500 advance from a credit card app that came to the house I signed & opened. Again, i knew nothing of the legal system & thought all attorneys were just that…attorneys because they carred about justice.

    Well the rest could have been scripted. Of course I was screwed over by false financial afftidavits claiming sid (sudden income deline) with no w2 for the year of our divorce. He claimed he made 3$-5$ a month & since the stock market was so bad he would probably not be a vice president of the brokerage firm & seek some new career shortly. I was forced to sell my home where my mort was less than the rent I had to pay in order for my children to attend the same school with a sham of the sale of my home to the next door neighbors of the girlfriend he had found after he left me of which I didn’t know until I saw the deposit check. They say ignorance is bliss which might be true cause I knew what was happening to me, but was powerless to do anything to stop it. I refused to sell my house, but he obtained a court order with his high powered attorney to force me to sell. The closing was so unusual as were were all seated in separate rooms & we had bought & sold several homes & never had i attended a closing like that which was also at his attorney’s office. My attorney’s only goal seemed to be to get paid & actually both attorney’s deducted their fees at the closing from the equity which was to me my settlement money.

    I can’t really go on much more as I get to upset, but the end result was my alimony was $1600. a month which my rent was more. I was 50 years old at the time & had not worked in 25 years. End result left me in poverty & for the first time in my life without even a car. A few months after the divorce where he claimed poverty & he was going backwards financially monthly into debt which the mediator & both attorneys bought lock stock & barrell despite my pleas it was all a sham I was looked on as this delusional woman with no clue about finances or life. It was an ad homien by the book.

    So now here i sit at 61 still receiving $1600 till I die..no car..no where to live, but most importantly spending years researching all the ways he hid the assets reading over 50 books about the law and what happens to supposedly cases of fraud I was so disturbed to find that all it is is rhetoric. There are supposed to be protections in the system for woman like us. For example attorneys can petition for their fees in the beginning to even the playing field, but at I have gone to at least 6 attorneys thru the years all of which say my case is a slam dunk as I should be receiving at a minimum 6k-10K in alimony with a cost of living increase in my divorce papers, despite all the concrete documents and evidence I worked on discovered & saved where almost nothing needed to be discovered or supeaned as its all there in black and white these attorneys say they need $5K retainers which might as well me $5M to me. Six months after the divorce he bought a home & with gf who became his wife a few months later & despite claiming poverty 6 months earlier he paid for a country club wedding of 200 guest with a honeymoon in Paris & she gets a new BMW every two years. I never got a new car the entire marriage as I heard DAILY “WE MUST SACRIFICE FOR OUR CHILDRENS FUTURE COLLEGE & OUR RETIREMENT”. Ironically he always managed to drive a late model caddy or lincoln and I drove a 10 year old car. I never made any demands regarding anything..furniture for our expensive home was quite modest & felt blessed and grateful I was able to go on every school field trip, be class mother & drive & attend any and all my childrens events. In others words I didn’t miss a thing. Now I am especially grateful for that because my who remembered how I would stand between him & his father and now allow him to harm him became the wonderful person I knew he become died while attending fsu in 2007. Matt knew the truth & was so angry at his father for what he did for a few dollars as he would say “how much is enough for you Dad and that woman you married who you have no children with, grandma & grandpa have millions and you are an only child..Mom never had a bad word to say about anyone, never even hit an animal or say anything abusive to my sister & I. She just simply loved us & loved being with us. She never lied, cheated on you, stole a cent from you or abused anyone in her life cause she simply does not know how to or want to”. He was my hero and despite being in poverty with no car, health insurance or $10 in savings I was still a happy person because I knew I had been a good mother & my children knew that too so I was ok. But after he died I was lost. My daughter who is 4 years younger than him remembers some, but not all of the violence & my son & I were so careful that after the few times he was hit (once for turning on the ac) we would go to the police the next day just to make a report of which number about 6. We did not want him arrested..but cfs investigated me, my ex, went to my kids schools where my daughter was an honor student & president of the class and varsity soccer team & always told me we know you are protecting your children & all the reports have been on your husband. Despite thisi he tried all the dirty tricks in the books to get any dirt on me like calling cfs & telling them he wanted them investigate me. Knowing me they told him Sir, all the reports have been about you. We have nothing negative from school or anywhere on your wife and if we open an investigation on her which turns out to be false instigated my you could result in your arrest. Needless to say he would promptly hang yup. I could go on & should write a book, but don’t think anyone would be interested. There were & are to many deceitful things done to me & our finances that thru the years I have discovered and believe me it has taken me years to figure it all out. I actually went to college with a friend who became an atf agent, but now is a prominent pi here who I called when during the divorce. She said “you can’t afford me, but I have never told anyone this before…if you do what I am about to tell you delligently and it may take years you eventually will find all the info you need. Well it did take years and I certainly would not have had all the facts had I ever been lucky enough to find an attorney to help me, but now I know exactly what and how it was done again, with all the evidence needed. Its quite extensive and I could have gone to law school surely by now, but the point is I have it all in a concise easy to follow presentation, but again no attorney despite seeing my ex income now in over $500,000. a year..lives in a 1M home, travels the world on what I sacrificed for..stole what I worked for 20 years together with him will help me. I can’t even afford pro se cause can’t afford to file the motions & the shear amount of evidence and following all the courts rules etc my case could certainly be dismissed on a technicality very easily as he will no doubt have his high powered attorney. My intuation which is always right tells me he did not want our divorce to go to trial despite appearing as though he did still would settle due to all the fraudulent activity that was used in the court proceedings he would never want that exposed as his standing in the community and president of the brokerage firm is of utmost importance to him.

    Its so tremendously frustrating to be an educated woman that has 100% irrefutable proof of fraud upon the court that will be eating catfood & living in a state run institution in a few years, but knows accordiuntdng to the supposed laws whose purpose is to keep people in situations like this from becomming dependent on the state or government for support is of most importance is just not the justice of reality. Yes I can get half his social security which of course is at the maximum level, however my ex is 5 years younger than I and I can’t collect until he is eligible at 65 and I will be 70 by then. I am also 10% disabled not due to any accidents, drugs or alcohol problems, but as a direct result of his abusive behavior only.

    Justice is only for those that can afford it and that is the bottom line. Thats how the legal system works and has always worked.

  21. Ron says

    In my case, she is the Narcissist and bi-polar with multi-million dollar trust accounts. She doesn’t work, I do. I’m getting screwed royally because, just like this article, there’s always a bias in favor of the poor little housewife.

    • B. Robert Farzad says

      We have written about male and female narcissists, Ron and we have written at how it factors into divorce cases. You should read the other articles.

  22. Anne says

    Hello- I have a question about my husband’s ex-wife, who only works part time, for cash only. She claims she makes no income. She married a “sugar daddy” who makes several hundred thousands a year. She ran off with the sugar daddy, moved out of the state, and left me and my husband to pay for, and raise the kids. She pays us nothing because she claims she is jobless. Yet she and her sugar daddy have luxury cars, diamonds, European vacations and more. How can we bring the sugar daddy’s income into the calculations for support? Will a Judge look at a new spouse’s income when there is proof on social media that they are buying cars, trips and houses and being deceptive? What do we need to bring to court to prove this and show compelling cause to look at a new spouse’s income? We are in CA by the way, the ex spouse is in NV.

    • B. Robert Farzad says

      Hi Anne. If your matter would be in Orange County, CA, contact us. We would need to learn more about your specific facts. There are ways to do what you are asking for but it’s very fact specific. It’s too lengthy to discuss here and it wouldn’t be appropriate since this is not the place for advice. We do offer an affordable strategy session.

  23. Cynthia says

    Wow, I knew there must be others out there like me. Glad to have found this blog. I was married for 25 years, to a man, it turns out, I didn’t know at all. Totally a narcissist and sociopath, and out to destroy me.

    After having multiple affairs and forging my signature on my retirement account and stealing over a million dollars, he has left me broke. He left me, once the money was gone, and filed for divorce. After 2 1/2 years, he finally signed the agreement, which has a clause in it for equitable distribution where he has to pay me back for the 1M (would have been worth much more than this).

    Turns out, he signed the agreement just to get the divorce, with the intent of not ever paying me. He’s left the country and started his own business, making plenty of money, but has chosen to not pay me anything.

    I received a judgement and he came back to the states for the contempt hearing, (because he refused to honor the judgement), thinking he could charm the judge, but he instead, found him in contempt, took his passports and demanded he pay 15K as a purge order to get back his passports, with the idea that he continue to pay me (actually owes over 100K – just asked for a small amount to get by in the short term and pay bills and mortgage). He came up with the money and left the country again. Now he has cut off all communication, and won’t pay me anything.

    We have a new court date for contempt again, and this time it won’t be so easy for him, but honestly, I believe he thinks he’s above the law, and I don’t think he will show up.

    Do I really have no recourse? From what I read, he can literally just chose to not pay me….ever, and get away with it because he is self employed and living abroad. He’s actually an independent contractor and I know the vendors he represents and where the income comes from. Is there no way to attach his commission payments? Please…someone give me hope. If it helps, my divorce decree is from Pennsylvania, and so I’m dealing with PA family law.

    Thank you in advance for any information you may be able to provide.

    • B. Robert Farzad says

      Cynthia, thank you for commenting. Please consult with an attorney in Pennsylvania. We are a California family law firm. We don’t practice law in any other State. I wish you the best.

  24. E says

    After spending $18K and not even getting to mediation or motion for temp relief (I am unemployed now after selling almost everything I own to pay for attorney’s and my spouse makes close to $450K) I just told my attorney I can’t afford him and am now PRO SE – representing myself. I am sure I will lose because they all play golf together but I am going to lose after coming out of the corner swinging! I also found out my attorney was a convicted felon several times over and got his license back after only 6 months. It’s pretty corrupt and it’s worse when you have a narcissistic attorney representing you and a narcissistic attorney representing a narcissistic sociopath spouse. I am sorry but as mad as I am I am also just laughing at how ridiculous it all is. I am not a man hater but I sure don’t hear stories about women narcissists. All I can say is I am cured. No more relationships, no more marriages, no more litigation. Once this is over I am going to become a Buddhist monk!

  25. Nikki says

    I have a case in Los Angeles county. Do you offer an affordable strategy session to help me out?



    • B. Robert Farzad says

      Hi Nikki. We are no longer taking on new cases outside of Orange County. I am sure you won’t have trouble finding a family law attorney in L.A. I wish you the best.

  26. Andrea says

    This is exactly what I am dealing with. I knew my ex is like this. He won’t stop trying to hurt me. It’s been very emotinally draining. The stories I can tell you! Currently, He refuses to pay support. Dodged service, got aggressive with the PI when he was finally served, as pay back let the car he was awarded get repo’d and never took out of my name and went and bought a car cash. Its nonstop but I refuse to give in. I’m so glad to see an attorney familiar with this type of person. I have an attorney right now but if I ever need additional help I will contact you! Thank you for writing this blog, gives me hope!

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