Finding the Right Forensic Accountant in Orange County for Your Divorce Just Got Easier

Forensic Accountants in Orange County Ca

You want a forensic accountant in Orange County for your divorce or support case but not sure what to look for, right? This article helps you with exactly that.

Searching for an Orange County forensic accountant is similar to searching for a divorce lawyer. Many times, you are not sure where to start and what to look for, right? You ask around, perhaps of family, friends or colleagues. You go to your own CPA, the one that does your taxes, and ask if he or she knows anybody. You searched the internet looking for a forensic accountant.

You hope a qualified one will pop-up on the first page.

You start to wonder if it’s more guess-work than anything else.

Not all forensic accountants in Orange County are created equal

Consider yourself lucky because we are going to take a lot of the mystery out of this process. As divorce lawyers, we know who the better forensic accountants in Orange County are. We have worked with forensic accountants, gone up against them when the other spouse hired them and used them as court appointed experts. Some forensic accounts have reputations that precede them and not always in a good way. A few are great. Some are not. [Read more...]

Beware of Over Aggressive Divorce Lawyers in Orange County Who Will Churn Your Case

Aggressive Divorce Lawyers Orange County

There is a difference between aggressive divorce lawyers in Orange County that will represent you properly and those who just want to run up your bill. Be careful and read this article. We tell you how to be.

The word aggressive gets thrown around a lot by divorce lawyers, including in Orange County. There is nothing wrong with that as long as it is both right and within the context of intelligent and effective family law representation.

I don’t know anybody who goes out and hires an aggressive divorce lawyer so that he or she can waste attorney fees in the process. “I want you to spend as much of my money as possible even when it does nothing productive to advance my case. Churn that file!” Yeah, I don’t think anybody sane wants that.

But this is exactly the trap some clients fall into when they search for an aggressive divorce lawyer. These over aggressive divorce lawyer are the ones that give the profession a bad name.

Let us tell you the difference between aggressive and intelligent representation and aggressive and foolish representation. Contact our Orange County divorce lawyers if you have any questions. [Read more...]

Is Your Divorce Dragging On? Learn How to Speed It Up

How do I speed up my divorce? Has it been many months? Over a year? Years (plural)? There are plenty of good reasons why a divorce may take longer than you expected. Sometimes, it’s nobody’s fault and the case is just very complex. Sometimes however it’s more than that and the reason the case is going slow is your spouse, your spouse’s lawyer, your lawyer, you or a combination. Let’s take a look at these and talk about solutions.

How to speed up your divorce

Is your spouse or spouse’s lawyer the problem?

How do I speed up my divorce

How do I speed up my divorce? By first figuring out why it is dragging on…

Yep. This happens. Your spouse is unreasonable and difficult.

Child custody, child support or alimony, even property division can take a lot longer than it should when a spouse takes unreasonable positions and drags out the process.

The most common reasons we have seen this include: [Read more...]

Getting Custody as a Mother in California Requires a Child Focused Strategy

How to get custody as a mother in California

How to get custody as a mother in California? Moms often make the mistake of being unprepared in court and assume being a “mom” is enough. Read this article for a better way.

You would think the answer to how to get custody as a mother in California would be easy. Don’t most people believe moms have an unfair advantage in Family Court? Isn’t that the common misconception among the public?

You can’t just walk into court and say “I am the mother and I should get custody of the children.”

Your status as the mom will not give you an advantage in Family Court. California child custody laws simply do not allow it. If you rely on your gender as a motivating factor for the court to give you custody, do not be surprised if you do not receive it. [Read more...]