What Happens After Divorce Papers Are Served? Answers for Uncontested and Contested Divorces

What happens after divorce papers are served?

What happens after divorce papers are served? Here is an article that will get you off to a good start on answering that question in both contested and uncontested California divorce cases.

What happens after divorce papers are served? The answer in a California divorce case depends on whether the divorce is contested or uncontested.

What happens after divorce papers are served in uncontested California divorce cases? A timely response is filed and served and the spouses then work to settle all of their disputes in either a divorce mediation or other setting that doesn’t involve litigation.

How about contested California divorce cases? A timely response is still filed and served although there typically follows litigation that may involve discovery requests, requests for orders and even trial.

In this article, we discuss generally what happens after divorce papers are served in California, in both an uncontested and contested case. We will assume for the purposes of this article the divorce papers were properly served and there is no issue about that. We are also going to assume in this article there are no issues regarding California jurisdiction (the court’s power to make orders) or whether the divorce was filed in the right county within California.

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What to Expect in Divorce Court. What Happens and Why?

What to Expect in Divorce Court

What to expect in divorce court? What happens and why? This article helps explain the California divorce court hearing process, specifically that of Orange County.

Divorce Court can be scary for everyone except for judges and divorce lawyers. We are used to it. What to expect in Divorce Court is the scariest part because the unexpected can lead to fear. Fear of what? Fear of the unknown. Sounds obvious but the best way to make the unknown “known” is knowledge.

We have good news for California husbands and wives who have Divorce Court ahead of them and want to know what to expect or just want more information on the process. We write this for those who have divorce cases in Orange County although there are some similarities from one county to another in California.

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How Can I Kick My Wife or Husband out of the House? Learn About Dwelling Exclusion Orders

Question: How can I kick my wife or husband out of the house in California?

Answer: California family law requires a showing of assault or threatened assault if the request is made on an emergency basis or the potential for physical or emotional harm if the request is made on a non-emergency basis.

A divorce may be inevitable. Living with your spouse may be unbearable. But how can you kick your spouse (wife or husband) out of the house and do so legally?

In California family law cases, these “kick out” requests (called residency or dwelling exclusions) are granted if the spouse who seeks it meets certain minimum requirements. What are these requirements to kick out your husband or wife? That partly depends on whether you want the order on an emergency basis or not.

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What Are Typical Divorce Settlements in California? Learn About Them Here.

Typical divorce settlements in California include terms that fit many cases. While every case is unique to its own facts, there are certain divorce settlement terms that overlap. What we write here are the overlapping terms we, as experienced California family law attorneys, see most often. We hope this article will give you some perspective on these common terms.

typical divorce settlements california

What are typical divorce settlements in California? We have written this article for husbands and wives with exactly that question in mind.

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